Verges & Weed Spraying

If you want to plant on the verge outside your home, or want to be included on the Council’s No Weed Spray List, this page contains some helpful information.

Maintenance tip!

To reduce verge maintenance lawn can be replaced with low growing shrubs (under 500mm in height) ground covers or compacted rubble/dolomite.

A verge is the strip of land between the footpath and the kerb and road. Verges are treated with any of the following materials: grass, compacted rubble/dolomite or plants.


Verge maintenance and weed spraying

General maintenance
You are required to maintain the verge at the front/side of your home. Verge maintenance includes watering, mowing and weeding.

Weed spraying
If you have a compacted rubble/dolomite verge, and are not on the Council’s No Weed Spray List, the Council will regularly spray the weeds on the footpath and verge outside your home.

If you don't want the Council to spray outside your home, ask to be included on the Council's No Weed Spray List by contacting the Council’s Works Coordinator, Park & Gardens on 08 8360 9008.

Planting on or redeveloping a verge

You can plant lawn, ground covers and small shrubs (under 500mm in height) on the verge outside your home. Before planting or redeveloping, complete the form below to make sure that your plans meet the required standards.

Download: Stormwater Discharge Pipe, Electrical Connection, Verge Planting Permit Form

For more information, contact the Council's Field Support Officer on 08 8360 9003.


What the Council can do to help

If you are unhappy with the existing lawn or plants on your verge, the Council can:

  • supply compacted rubble/dolomite
  • water young trees planted by the Council.

The Council cannot help with planting new lawn, excavating existing material, supplying plants or looking after new plants.