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Council Elections

In South Australia council elections are conducted by postal ballot every four years. 

Council elections overview

Participating in your local Council election is one of the most direct ways you can make a difference to everyday life in your community.

You can influence what happens in your local community in two ways:

  • by voting for a candidate who represents your views
  • or by nominating for a position on Council. 

Who can vote

Almost everyone over 18 and living, owning or leasing property in a Council area can be eligible to vote.

To ensure you have the opportunity to vote, you must be enrolled on either the State Election Roll, or your Council’s Supplementary Roll. 

To check your current electoral enrolment, visit: AEC: Check my Enrolment

For eligibility and enrolment information, visit: LGA: Council Elections

Who can nominate

If you are eligible to vote in your local Council elections, you may also be eligible to stand for a position on Council. 

For general information about nominating as a candidate, visit:

To find out which Ward you live in, download: Council Ward and Area Map

Voting in Council elections

Voting in the 2022 Council elections will occur from Friday 14 October to 5:00pm Thursday 10 November 2022.

Votes must be received before 5:00 pm Thursday 10 November 2022.

For more information about voting, visit: Vote: 2022 Council Elections

Know your candidates

It’s important to learn about the candidates for your upcoming Council election. After all, they are representing your interests and will have an impact on the future of your neighbourhood and wider council area.

To view candidate profiles, visit: SA Electoral Commission

To find out which Ward you live in, download: Council Ward and Area Map

Alternatively, search your property location below to find your Ward and what positions you can vote on in your local elections:

 Upcoming key dates

The following dates have been made available by the ECSA: 

Event Date

Mailout of ballot material to electors

Friday 14 October and Thursday 20 October 2022

Close of voting

5pm, Thursday 10 November 2022

Scrutiny and Count

9am, Saturday 12 November 2022


The rules for elections are set out in the: 

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More information

For further information about Local Government Elections, visit the following websites: