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Cr Paul WormaldCr Paul Wormald

I moved into a share house in West Norwood as a student over 35 years ago and have lived and/or worked in West Norwood/Kent Town ever since. My community activism and involvement with local community bodies resulted in my election as Councillor and over the 30 years since I have led action to make this a progressive Council providing services and activities to support the life of its community and people.

Reflecting this over these years I have advocated Council: expand its disabled and aged care services; introduce local waste recycling and energy-efficiency for new housing; support local neighbourhood watch and residents’ groups; introduce a funded cultural heritage program to celebrate our area’s notable history; establish a staffed community arts program; introduce a rolling program of park and playground upgrades; carry out major upgrades to Norwood Library & Swimming Pool; fund and then manage the Norwood Xmas Pageant; set up and co-finance a Council/Traders Committee to promote Norwood Parade; support the Norwood Parade Food Wine & Music Festival and various successor events including the Adelaide Fashion Festival to promote The Parade as the community centre for our region; encourage outdoor dining and expand carparking and set up dedicated bike lanes and cycleways.  Recently I have been advocating for further upgrades to the Norwood Library and Swimming Pool, upgrading Norwood Parade’s Streetscape and developing new solutions to managing the excess parking demand in local streets.

Personally I am a father and new grandfather and in my spare time read, garden, cycle, swim and co-manage a bushcare conservation project in the Adelaide Hills.    



Paul Wormald

T: 0452 628 776