Our Logo

The inspiration for the Council's logo came from the detail on the Norwood Town Hall clock tower, one of the City's most recognised historical buildings.

The Council does not allow the use of the Council logo for non-Council related activities, events, programs, etc.

The use and publication of the Council's logo by any external agency must have the prior approval of the Council's Communications Officer.

 NPSP sign with logo outside the Norwood Town HallWhen the former cities of Kensington and Norwood, Payneham and the Town of St Peters amalgamated in November 1997, forming the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters, a new logo was needed to give the newly formed City an easily recognisable identity.

The Norwood Town Hall, formally opened in 1883, was typical of public buildings erected throughout Australia at the time.

The Town Hall Clock - a prominent landmark well recognised within the community - was built at a time when local councils fulfilled a role as an authoritative source of time keeping.

The clock face is distinguished by a decorative six pointed star. It was felt by those involved with setting the direction for the newly formed City that this star worked well in representing the three former Council's.

The star also represented the aspirations of the new City - its desire to be a leading light of the local community and a City that valued quality by striving towards excellence, of which the star is a global symbol.

To express the heritage values of the new City it was decided that the colour of the star's six points should be chosen from colours traditionally associated with a heritage colour scheme. The colours selected were: Red Pantone 187, Yellow Pantone 129 and Green Pantone 555.*

The decision to include the full name of the City in the logo was also important. A 'goudy' font was chosen, because it too is a heritage style typeface created in the early 1900s and therefore reflective of that era.

The use of the typography ensures all three former cities are acknowledged while at the same time reinforces the star's association and all that it encompasses, with the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters.