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Draft 2018-2019 Annual Business Plan & Budget


Consultation closed 5.00pm, Wednesday 30 May 2018.




The Council is seeking feedback on its draft 2018-2019 Annual Business Plan and Budget.

The draft 2018-2019 Annual Business Plan and Budget sets out the proposed projects, services and programs for the coming financial year. It also details the Council’s revenue and how the Council intends to finance its continuing services, programs and projects.

The Annual Business Plan supports the Council's long-term strategic directions which are outlined in the Council's strategic management plan, City Plan 2030: Shaping Our Future, as well as the Long Term Financial Plan and the 'Whole of Life' Infrastructure and Asset Management Plans.

Download: draft 2018-2019 Annual Business Plan

Alternatively, hard copies are available for viewing at the Norwood Town Hall, Payneham Community Centre, Payneham and St Peters Libraries.

How to have your say

Please provide your feedback by completing the Feedback Form.

Feedback must be received by 5.00pm, Wednesday 30 May 2018.



Alternatively, you can provide your feedback via any one of the following options:

More information

Submission guidelines and additional information

Why make a submission

Making a written submission will ensure that your comments of support or concern for a certain issue or proposal are considered when Council is making a decision. Council would like to encourage active participation in consultation to promote ownership and empowerment within the Community.


Consideration of submissions

All submissions received will be summarised in a schedule of submissions for consideration by Council at a Council workshop and or a formal Council meeting. This consideration may result in the proposal being modified to address the issues; approved without modification; or refused.

Please note that submissions received may be included in Council’s Agenda and that these are available to the general public.

Once a decision has been made on the matter, the Council will communicate its decision through at least one of the following mediums:

  • personal letter
  • Council meeting minutes
  • Council website
  • Council eNewsletter.


An effective submission

To be effective a submission should:

  • clearly state your opinion and reasons for or against the proposal or sections there of,
  • state how your concerns could be addressed or outline any suggestions for resolving a problem or issue (if possible),
  • list any references or provide evidence, relevant material, or specific examples to help demonstrate your views or suggestions,
  • include the section, recommendation and page number of the proposal to which your comments refer (if relevant),
  • to ensure accurate interpretation of your comments into the Schedule of Submissions, please keep your comments concise and number all issues you wish to address.



Sharon Perkins
General Manager, Corporate Services
T: 08 8366 4585