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Syd Jones Reserve Upgrade


Consultation closed 5.00pm, Monday 9 July 2018.

 Syd Jones Reserve



The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters is upgrading Syd Jones Reserve, located on the corner of Sullivan Street and Coorara Avenue, Firle.

By upgrading Syd Jones Reserve, the Council will be providing a well-designed and innovative open space that will contribute to the vibrancy of the local area.

We are now seeking ideas from the local community to help shape the draft Concept Plan.


Why upgrade Syd Jones Reserve

The Council’s Open Space Strategy identifies the location of Syd Jones Reserve, situated between Firle and Payneham South, to be an area lacking in quality public open space.

The upgrade of Syd Jones Reserve will cater for the needs of the current and growing communities of Firle and Payneham South, as well as the anticipated increase in the number of young people in these suburbs in the future. Upgrades could include new play spaces and facilities, such as new play equipment and seating.

More information about Syd Jones Reserve, including relevant document links and an overview of existing facilities, is provided on this page.

Have your say

We are seeking feedback from the local community on what you would like to see at Syd Jones Reserve (e.g. new play equipment, seating, picnic facilities), and what elements you would like to keep (e.g. trees, grassed area).

You can have your say in the following ways:

Online feedback form closed


Community Park Day

Come to the Park Day to have your say about the future upgrade of Syd Jones Reserve and enjoy a sausage sizzle!

Children are encouraged to come along to share their views on what they would like to see at the Reserve.  

Event details:
Venue: Syd Jones Reserve
Date: Saturday 30 June 2018
Time: 12.00pm to 3.00pm


Provide written feedback

Provide written feedback via:

  • Email:
  • Post: Syd Jones Reserve Upgrade, City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters, PO Box 204, KENT TOWN SA 5071

More information

Relevant documents

Download document

Description and context

Open Space Strategy

The Council's Open Space Strategy, adopted in 2003, guides the provision, development and management of open space in the City.

The Strategy includes specific actions, guidelines and priorities that assist the Council to make informed and planned decisions regarding open space.

Syd Jones Reserve is currently designated as a Regional Level Reserve in the Council’s Open Space Strategy because of its unique range of activities including table tennis and the formerly operative tennis courts, however its size and functionality reflect a Neighbourhood Level Reserve.

Playgrounds Strategy Report

The Council's Playgrounds Strategy Report, adopted in 2006, provides the long term strategic direction for the future provision and management of playgrounds throughout the City.

The Strategy identifies the key issues associated with each of the playgrounds and outlines a strategic framework for the enhancement of these important community assets. 

An important outcome of the Playgrounds Strategy Report is the hierarchy of playgrounds, which aims to achieve different levels of provision and the best use of resources. 

The Playgrounds Strategy Report designates Syd Jones Reserve as a Neighbourhood Level Playground.  This Neighbourhood Level assumes that the playground will provide good quality, standard rather than unique, equipment that caters to arrange of different age groups.

Tennis Facilities Strategy

The two existing tennis courts currently located on Syd Jones Reserve are no longer in use. The tennis courts were recommended for removal in the Council’s Tennis Facilities Strategy developed in 2005. Specifically, the Strategy recommends removal of the courts on the basis that the courts are in poor condition and require full reconstruction and that there is an adequate supply of courts in close proximity. 

In addition, the Tennis Facilities Strategy recommends removing the tennis courts to provide better functionality and enhance the Reserve.

Existing facilities and assets



SES Building

Syd Jones Reserve was formerly the home of the Eastern Suburbs State Emergency Service (SES).

The building that housed the SES was constructed of besser blocks (cement brick) and was in relatively poor condition. Following the SES decision to vacate the site in 2015, the Council resolved to demolish the building and return the area to open space, as it was considered that it was not worth investing significant funds to upgrade the building; given the age and condition of the building. 

In 2016, the building was demolished and returned to simple landscaping to enable the area to be utilised until a Concept Plan for Syd Jones Reserve is developed and the Reserve is upgraded.

Table Tennis Academy

The Payneham Table Tennis Academy moved into the current location in Sullivan Street, Firle, in 1964. The facility houses six table tennis tables available for practising, competition match play and social table tennis.

In general the Council has been very supportive of the Club and has assisted the Club to improve its accommodation.

The Table Tennis Academy building would not be included in the upgrade of Syd Jones Reserve due to the funding resources allocated, however there may be opportunities to better integrate the outside of the building with the Reserve.


The playground equipment at Syd Jones Reserve is very limited, in very poor condition and is not in use. Whist maintenance renewal of this equipment is possible, the cost is high and for the same money, new equipment could be installed.


Syd Jones Reserve currently has male and female toilets which are in a dilapidated state and require demolition.


Olivia Franco
Strategic Projects Coordinator
T: 08 8366 4555