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Syd Jones Reserve Upgrade: Stage 2 - consultation closed


Stage 2 consultation closed 5.00pm, Monday 10 September 2018.

 Syd Jones Montage 1



The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters is upgrading Syd Jones Reserve, located on the corner of Sullivan Street and Coorara Avenue, Firle.

We are now seeking comments from the community on the two draft Concept Plans that have been developed for the redevelopment of the Reserve.


Draft Concept Plans

The comments received during Stage 1 community consultation, and comments provided by Elected Members and Council staff, have guided the development of the two draft Concept Plans (Option A and Option B).

Download: draft Concept Plans (Option A and Option B)

Local Landscape Architecture firm, WAX Design, were appointed by the Council to develop the draft Concept Plans for the upgrade of the Reserve.

Syd Jones montage 2The proposed draft Concept Plans seek to improve the function, appearance and variety of activities on the Reserve, whilst enhancing the safety and permeability from the adjoining street frontages.

Included in the draft Plans are features such as new play equipment, a multi-use sports court and picnic benches.

The difference between Option A and Option B, is that Option B includes a new barbeque, toilets and additional car parking.



The draft Concept Plans Options A and B include the following items:

  • removal of the existing tennis courts and replacement with a multi-purpose hard surface offering a range of different uses e.g. tennis, basketball, and netball
  • development of a central playspace with a focus on swinging, spinning, risk and challenge activities
  • re-aligned pedestrian path to support existing street trees and provide additional separation from the road edge along Coorara Avenue
  • retention of the Table Tennis Academy building in its current form
  • installation of a new outdoor table tennis table for public use
  • new shelter with picnic benches and a drink fountain to support adjacent open space and proposed playspace location
  • open lawn space for informal recreation and ball sports
  • improved accessibility through additional footpaths, direct access from the Sullivan Street car parking spaces, and the inclusion of a ‘loop’ configuration and improved connections to the adjoining streetscapes
  • improved security to the rear of the Table Tennis Academy building
  • retention of the existing Significant Trees and open lawn space in the north-eastern section of the site
  • a landscape entry to define the Reserve and increase landscape separation from the adjoining street frontages, with a new entry sign
  • lawn mounds to form defined edges and space, provide informal seating, and provide a level change
  • integrated multi-purpose walling incorporating bouldering wall, applied games and edge to multi-purpose hard surface
  • an undulating rubber play surface with an in-ground trampoline, mounding, sunken pods and shade trees within the playspace
  • new seating to edge of the path under the shade trees
  • landscape buffer to the edge of the Table Tennis Academy building and adjoining properties to support screening and separation.

Please note, some of the existing landscaping, including shrubs and trees within Syd Jones Reserve will need to be removed to accommodate the proposed works. The exact number of trees and shrubs will be determined once the final concept plan is selected. Wherever possible, shrubs, trees and landscaping that are of high value will be retained and incorporated into the final design of the upgrade.

The design of the final concept plan will be subject to the outcome of the detailed cost estimates for the upgrade, and the responses received through the Stage 2 community consultation and engagement process.

Option ASyd Jones Reserve Option A diagram

The draft Concept Plan for Option A, incorporates all of the elements listed in the Design Elements Overview tab. These elements, such as a multi-purpose court, new seating, areas of grassed open space, and additional trees and landscaping, were all identified by the community as desirable through the Stage 1 community consultation and engagement process.

Elements not included in Option A:

  • new toilet block
  • barbeque
  • additional car parking spaces along Sullivan Street.

The reasons for not including these elements in Option A are based on the local nature of the Reserve, as well as the Reserve’s proximity to other larger scale reserves such as the Payneham Oval playground, and the planned upgrade of Adey Reserve in the near future.

Option BSyd Jones Reserve Option B diagram

The draft Concept Plan for Option B, incorporates all of the elements listed in the Design Elements Overview tab, as well as new toilets, a barbeque and four indented car parks along Sullivan Street.

The proposed configuration of the additional car parking spaces was considered to be the most desirable outcome, as it will minimise the loss of open space and ensure that the existing on-street car parking spaces are retained.  

Have your say

Which draft Concept Plan Option do you prefer?

Are there design elements still missing?

Should some design elements be removed?

We want to hear from you! 


How to have your say

You can have your say by completing the short online survey or by providing written feedback.

online survey closed

Provide written feedback via:

  • Email:
  • Post: Syd Jones Reserve Upgrade – Stage 2, City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters, PO Box 204, KENT TOWN SA 5071

All comments and submissions received as part of the Syd Jones Reserve Upgrade Project – Stage 2 consultation will be collated and summarised for consideration by the Council to prepare the final Concept Plan for the redevelopment of the Reserve.

More information

The Council’s Open Space Strategy identifies the location of Syd Jones Reserve, situated between Firle and Payneham South, to be an area lacking in quality public open space.

The upgrade of Syd Jones Reserve will cater for the needs of the current and growing communities of Firle and Payneham South, as well as the anticipated increase in the number of young people in these suburbs in the future.

Existing facilities and assets at Syd Jones Reserve



SES building

Syd Jones Reserve was formerly the home of the Eastern Suburbs State Emergency Service (SES).

The building that housed the SES was constructed of besser blocks (cement brick) and was in relatively poor condition. Following the SES decision to vacate the site in 2015, the Council resolved to demolish the building and return the area to open space, as it was considered that it was not worth investing significant funds to upgrade the building; given the age and condition of the building. 

In 2016, the building was demolished and returned to simple landscaping to enable the area to be utilised until a Concept Plan for Syd Jones Reserve is developed and the Reserve is upgraded.

Table Tennis Academy

The Payneham Table Tennis Academy moved into the current location in Sullivan Street, Firle, in 1964. The facility houses six table tennis tables available for practising, competition match play and social table tennis.

In general the Council has been very supportive of the Club and has assisted the Club to improve its accommodation.

The Table Tennis Academy building would not be included in the upgrade of Syd Jones Reserve due to the funding resources allocated, however there may be opportunities to better integrate the outside of the building with the Reserve.

Tennis courts


There are two existing bitumen tennis courts at Syd Jones Reserve which are in poor condition and have been closed to public use for some time as significant upgrades are required to enable their safe use.


The playground equipment at Syd Jones Reserve is very limited, in very poor condition and is not in use. Whist maintenance renewal of this equipment is possible, the cost is high and for the same money, new equipment could be installed.


Syd Jones Reserve currently has male and female toilets which are in a dilapidated state and require demolition.

Stage 1 consultation and engagement (18 June 2018 - 9 July 2018) invited the community to provide ideas for the future upgrade of the Reserve.

The following consultation activities were conducted:

  • Postcards were distributed to residents within the vicinity of Syd Jones Reserve
  • Community consultation webpage which included information about the project and a short online survey
  • Community Park Day, held at Syd Jones Reserve on Saturday 30 June 2018 from 12.00-3.00pm, invited the local community to provide ideas for consideration in the development of the initial concept plan for the Reserve upgrade. Council staff and consultants were in attendance at the information booth to capture the community’s comments in relation to what they like about the Reserve, and what improvements could be made through the upgrade.

Approximately 46 members of the community visited the information booth at the Community Park Day. In addition, a total of 13 completed surveys were received during the consultation period, providing suggestions for the future design of Syd Jones Reserve.

Consultation questions

Questions that were asked include:

  • What do you like / don’t like about Syd Jones Reserve
  • What would you change about Syd Jones Reserve to improve it
  • What outdoor experiences would you like to see in the upgrade of the Reserve
  • What amenity would you like to see in the upgrade of the Reserve
  • Do you have any other ideas we should consider while developing the concept designs for the upgrade of Syd Jones Reserve.


Consultation responses

Some of the most common responses to these questions include:

What do you like about Syd Jones Reserve:

  • open grassed areas
  • trees and landscaping
  • Table Tennis Academy.

What don’t you like about Syd Jones Reserve:

  • tennis courts
  • toilets
  • lacking amenity.

What would you change about Syd Jones Reserve to improve it:

  • playground upgrade or replacement
  • basketball court and multi-purpose court
  • new toilets or remove
  • remove tennis courts and turn into car parking or basketball court
  • privacy fence around the Table Tennis Academy.

What outdoor experiences would you like to see in Syd Jones Reserve:

  • ball sports/courts (especially basketball)
  • equipment for children aged 11 or 12
  • exercise and fitness opportunities
  • swings and ‘Swinging’ movement
  • functional space for community events and gatherings.

What amenity would you like to see in Syd Jones Reserve:

  • seating and benches
  • grassed area for ball sports
  • more car parking
  • barbecue
  • shelter and shade.

Do you have any other ideas we should consider while developing the concept designs for Syd Jones Reserve:

  • minimise noise
  • remove landscaping and replace with grass
  • monkey bars
  • rock climbing
  • more activation for youth.

A copy of all submissions that were received and a summary of those submissions can be accessed in the Special Council Meeting Agenda that was held on 13 August 2018.

Download: Special Council Meeting Agenda: 13 August 2018


Olivia Franco
Strategic Projects Coordinator
T: 08 8366 4555