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South Australian planning reforms update


South Australia’s urban and regional planning system is undergoing its biggest reform in more than 25 years.

The State Planning Commission is leading this reform and the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters encourages community members to find out what is happening, ask questions and provide feedback.


About the reform

The State Planning Commission is drafting new planning rules which will be released for community consultation (for metropolitan areas) in September 2019.

This reform will change the way development applications are assessed, approved and publicly notified in the future.

It will include changes to which types of development will trigger notification to neighbouring property owners, residents and other community members, and when they have legal appeal rights.

The Council’s current Development Plan will be revoked by July 2020, at which time current zoning will be replaced with a single state-wide planning and design code.


Get involved

Right now is your opportunity to consider and question what impact the new system will likely have on you and your neighbourhood before planning reforms are in operation.

To provide feedback directly to the State Government, visit: SA Planning Portal



In early May 2019, the State Planning Commission released its proposals for neighbourhood change and its proposed approach for transitioning heritage and character policy from current development plans into the Planning and Design Code.

For more information about the Commission's policy position, visit: SA Planning Portal - Policy Position on Heritage & Character