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Fruit fly outbreak in Stepney


A new fruit fly outbreak has been identified in Stepney. PIRSA is undertaking an eradication program to eliminate fruit fly from the area.

If you live in Stepney please do not move homegrown fruit or vegetables within or outside of the area. This includes giving it to neighbours, family and friends.

How you can help

You can play a crucial role in helping to eradicate the outbreak by following these steps:

  • reporting any maggots found in fruit or fruiting vegetables. Place in a plastic bag, seal it and contact the Fruit Fly Hotline on 1300 666 010
  • not sharing homegrown fresh fruit with others outside the outbreak area
  • collecting fallen or over-ripe fruit and fruiting vegetables, sealing them and placing in your green bin. Do not put them in your compost
  • cooking or preserving excess home grown fruit and fruiting vegetables. These items are allowed to be removed from the outbreak area.

Watch video: How to Stop Fruit Fly

Check if you are living or working in a fruit fly outbreak area

Visit, PIRSA - Fruit Fly in SA

For more information, phone PIRSA: 08 8226 0995.