CityPlan 2030: NPSP strategic management plan review


At its meeting held on Monday 3 July, the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters endorsed the draft CityPlan 2030: Shaping Our Future – Update 2017 to proceed to the next stage of community consultation in August 2017.

"CityPlan 2030 will continue to play a vital role in guiding us towards our vision for the future,” said Mayor Robert Bria.

The 2017 update has taken into account the views, aspirations and ideas of more than 160 people who participated in the first stage of community consultation.

"The update re-affirms the City’s long held vision and aspirations for the future; such as an improved vibrant arts and culture scene, with more activation in public spaces aimed at increasing community participation and creating a stronger sense of place and inclusion.”

The City of Norwood, Payneham & Peters’ response to climate change has also been given a higher priority in the 2017 updated CityPlan 2030.

“Measures to improve water security, use of renewable energy sources and the preservation of our natural environment have been raised by our community and incorporated across our various services and programs.”

“Closely aligned to this is the reflection of the community’s strong desire for better infrastructure and amenities which encourage sustainable transport options such as walking and cycling.”
The revised draft CityPlan 2030 is currently being prepared ahead of the next stage of community consultation in August 2017.

Further information about the next stage of community consultation will be available from the Council’s website at in early August 2017.

A Discussion Paper on emerging issues and trends which were considered during the review of CityPlan 2030 will be available on the Council’s website during the consultation of the draft CityPlan 2030 – Update 2017.

For further information regarding CityPlan 2030, please contact the Council’s Strategic Projects Coordinator, Olivia Franco on 08 8366 4524 or email

Media Contact: Mayor Robert Bria on 0431 754 077