Swimming Lessons

Learn to swim or improve water skills in a relaxed and supportive environment with accredited instructors.

Swimming kids thumbWe offer swimming lessons for adults and children during the swim season. 

The aim of swimming lessons is to increase swimming and water safety skills, water confidence and enjoyment.

If you have a lesson enquiry, click on the button below to submit your enquiry online. Alternatively you can contact one of our centres directly by phone or in person.

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Swimming lessons


SwimmerSwimming lessons for adults are offered at the Payneham Memorial Swimming Centre.

Payneham Memorial Swimming Centre

Thursday nights (dates to be confirmed)
6.00pm - 6.30 pm
$17.50 per lesson (includes entry)

One-on-one lessons are available at both centres on request.

Children (3 years +)

Girl in a swimming poolSwimming lessons for children aged 3 + are offered at the following venues and times.

$17.50 per lesson (includes entry)

Norwood Swimming Centre

Lesson days: Monday and Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

Payneham Memorial Swimming Centre

Lesson days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, Saturday & Sunday mornings.


For more information, contact one of our Centres: swimschool@npsp.sa.gov.au

VACSWIM (5 years +)

VacSwim logoSA Water Vacswim is a South Australian Government funded program for school children aged 5+ years.


Norwood Swimming Centre

Program dates: dates to be confirmed (excluding weekend).

Lesson days: Monday and Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

Online enrolments: dates to be confirmed

Enrol online: VACSWIM


Payneham Memorial Swimming Centre

Program dates: 2-10 January (excluding weekend).

Lesson days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

Online enrolments: dates to be confirmed

Enrol online: VACSWIM


For more information, visit: VACSWIM Program

Holiday Swimming and Water Safety Program (3 years +)

Program dates: 16-20 December 2019.

The Swimming / Water Safety Program is an intensive five day program availabe at the Payneham Memorial Swimming Centre.

The Program seeks to increase the swimming and water safety skills of all  children to prevent drowning and increase participation in safe aquatic activity.

The cost of the program is $50 including entry.

For more information and to enrol, email swimschool@npsp.sa.gov.au


Swimming Centre rules and guidelines

Rules and guidelines

General rules

  • no running on concourses
  • no pushing
  • no flips / somersaults
  • no smoking
  • no swearing
  • diving only permitted from deep end of pool
  • no offensive behaviour
  • no unsafe conduct
  • patrons must wear appropriate swimwear
  • patrons must not dive into “shallow water”
  • patrons may not take large inflatables into the pools
  • no throwing objects to be used that may cause injury


Conditions of entry

  • alcohol and glass not permitted into the swimming centre
  • persons affected by alcohol or drugs will not be permitted entry to the swimming centre
  • companion card holders must remain with their patient/child etc. at all times whist in the centre
  • pool management reserves the right to refuse entry to patrons who are deemed to pose a risk to other pool users, including patrons who have previously been ejected from the centre
  • children under 13 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible person
  • over the age of 16 year.


Watch Around Water (WAW) Child Supervision Rules

Watch Around Water is an industry driven initiative adopted by the Payneham and Norwood Swimming Centres to address concern regarding the supervision of children by parents/ guardians in public aquatic centres.  The primary aim of the program is to develop consistency in the aquatic industry as well as educate and raise the awareness of what is involved when adequately supervising children at a public aquatic facility. Handouts and sandwich boards are visual aids used within the centre to display the expectations of parents or caregivers to provide appropriate supervision of children under 10 years of age. Wrist bands should be fitted at reception to all children under the age of 5 years old intending on entering the water.


Children under 5 years:

  • must be constantly supervised by a responsible person (parent or caregiver)
  • must be accompanied in the water by a responsible person
  • must remain within arm’s reach at all times in the water

Children under 10 years:

  • must be constantly supervised by a responsible person (parent or caregiver)
  • must be within clear view with no physical or structural barriers between you and your child
  • child of limited swimming ability regardless of age using a flotation device must be accompanied in the water by a responsible person at all times.


Use of photographic devices

In line with Recreation SA Safe Environment Policy and commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for children, vulnerable people and other patrons, all patrons must adhere to these conditions of entry regarding the use of photographic devices whilst visiting the Payneham Memorial and Norwood Swimming Centres.

  • photographic devices include: cameras, video cameras, mobile phones and any other device with the ability of capturing a still or moving image
  • all patrons are to be respectful to one another, which includes respecting the views of other parties
  • you must seek the management’s approval before taking any photos or video recordings
  • please be aware that when using photographic devices some patrons (in the background of images) may take offence to having their image caught on camera
  • when using photographic devices the activities should be localised to only willing participants who have allowed for their image to be captured
  • management reserves the right to view any images taken. refusal may result in the police being called to view these images and the police will then take appropriate action to address our concerns
  • management may hold on to any photographic device until the police arrive, if they suspect indecent filming at the payneham memorial swimming centre has occurred on that photographic device
  • if you are undertaking in what is deemed suspicious behaviour, management may contact police without prior warning
  • use of photographic devices in the change rooms can never be justified
  • some events, activities and programs at the centre may allow only one approved photographer. at such events no one else will be allowed to use a photographic devices.


Failure to follow these conditions of entry may result in:

  • you being removed or banned from the centre and / or
  • the police being contacted and / or
  • any cctv footage captured by our security system being made available to police.

Taking photos or recordings of someone without their consent may be considered failing to abide by these conditions of entry and could result in a breach of section 26d of the summary offences act 1953 for indecent filming. this attracts a maximum fine of $20,000 or 4 years imprisonment.