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What is Development Approval

 A Development Approval is a legal document that allows you to undertake a development.

What do I Need to Lodge a Development Application

 A range of information is needed to assess Development Applications, with some Applications needing more information than others.

Where Do I Get Help Preparing My Application

Preparing a good quality Development Application will improve the processing of the Application and will often result in a better outcome.

Applications Lodged by Builders

If you are a builder or another representative preparing or lodging a Development Application on behalf of a client, you need to ensure that you provide all of the information required for the Application.

What Are the Different Types of Development

 All development requires approval, however as different developments have different levels of impacts, developments are grouped into 3 kinds.

How Long Will My Development Application Take to Process

Application assessment times vary depending on the form of development being undertaken.

How Does a Council Development Assessment Panel Operate

A Council Development Assessment (CDAP) is a body of people who consider and make decisions on some Development Applications within a Council area.

Costs Associated With Development Assessment

The cost of a Development Application varies greatly depending on the type of development and the use of professional advice.

What is the Development Plan

The Development Plan is a document which provides planners with guidelines to follow during the development assessment process.

Representations – Objecting to an Application

Fact Sheet includes information about Representations – Objecting to an Application.

Front Fences Restoration and Replacement (Heritage)

Front fences are important elements in defining and presenting a property.

What Does Public Notification of my Application Mean

 Some types of development will require Public Notification as part of the assessment process.

How Are Development Applications Assessed

Applications for Development Plan Consent (Planning Consent) and Land Division Consent are assessed using a document called the ‘Development Plan’.

Can I Apply For a Non-Complying Development

What is Non-Complying Development? Can I apply for a Non-Complying development?

Home Activities and Home Based Businesses

A Fact Sheet about Home Activities and Home Based Businesses.