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City-Wide Cycling Plan

Riding a bicycle is a fun, healthy and easy way for you to travel.

City Wide Cycling Plan thumbThe Council has adopted a City-Wide Cycling Plan. The Plan has strategies and prioritised actions to improve our popular cycling routes, make critical road crossings safer and increase the number of end-of trip cycling facilities.

The City-Wide Cycling Plan also includes a range of travel behaviour change programs to encourage people to ride a bicycle - be that to school, work or for fun and to feel comfortable doing so.

These actions will:

  • stimulate greater bicycle usage
  • make riding the streets safer and more enjoyable
  • promote cycling as a genuine alternative to using motorised vehicles.

For more information, download: City-Wide Cycling Plan
Please note: Large file size, please allow time to download.

For general cycling information, including trip planners and maps, visit our Cycling page.