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Water Consumption

Water consumption in the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters is linked to population and land use, and to the behaviour of individuals.

Domestic households require water for indoor and outdoor use, including water for washing, bathing, cooking, irrigation and car washing.

Industrial activities that may require water include production, heating and cooling.

Council water consumption

Council water consumption is roughly divided into these main areas:
Reserves 83%
Traffic control devices (median strips) 10%
Council buildings 3%
Reserve buildings 2%
Swimming pools 2%

Where our water comes from

The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters water supply is sourced primarily from Anstey Hill Reservoir, but is supplemented with water from both the Happy Valley and Hope Valley Reservoirs at various times of the year.

The Anstey Hill water treatment plant is supplied with water from either the River Murray via the Mannum to Adelaide pipeline or from the Milbrook Reservoir.

Hope Valley water treatment plant is supplied with water from the River Murray into the River Torrens system via the Millbrook and Kangaroo Creek Reservoirs.

After treatment, water is delivered to consumers from all plants via the existing potable water reticulation system.

For more information: visit: SA Water