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2019 Completed Major Projects

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Implementation of Felixstow Reserve Masterplan


Update 13 February 2019

Cost: $3,600,000

In 2015, the Council undertook a Masterplan for Felixstow Reserve which incorporated two stages for the redevelopment of the site. The first stage of the project was the establishment of wetlands within the Felixstow Reserve, which were completed in late 2017. This project was undertaken as part of the Eastern Region Alliance (ERA) Waterproofing Eastern Adelaide Stormwater Harvesting and Re-Use Project.

Construction of the second stage, the remainder of the Felixstow Reserve, was completed in December 2018 and was undertaken by LCS Landscapes. The detailed design of the Redevelopment was prepared by a multi-disciplinary design team led by ASPECT Studios, who translated the Masterplan ideas into detail designs, including large open grassed areas, an active play space, natural play, walking trails, a shared path and increased tree planting.The Reserve was officially opened on Sunday 10 February 2019.

For more information, visit: Felixstow Reserve Masterplan and Redevelopment