The Parade Masterplan

The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters is developing a Masterplan for The Parade, Norwood which will guide the redevelopment of this significant mainstreet precinct.


The Parade

22 June 2018

Consultation on Phase 2 of The Parade Masterplan closed 5.00pm, 22 June 2018.

For more information about the Phase 2 Consultation, visit: Planning The Parade: Have Your Say!

Why a Masterplan

In January 2016, the Council commenced the development of a Masterplan for The Parade, in recognition of its economic, social and cultural importance. 

The intent of the Masterplan is to provide a strategic design framework for the future redevelopment and activation of this important mainstreet. 

The development of the Masterplan is important because the last major upgrade to The Parade occurred approximately 25 years ago.

In order to maintain The Parade’s vibrancy and popularity as a destination for shopping as well as social and cultural experiences, it has been recognised that the public realm needs to be upgraded. This, together with the possibility of higher density residential and mixed use developments occurring in and around the Norwood area, has highlighted the need to refresh and revitalise The Parade and review the qualities that give The Parade its ‘sense of place’.

Phase 1 – Planning The Parade Consultation (complete)

The Council commenced the first phase of community engagement on The Parade Masterplan on 21 January 2016 at the Tour Down Under Street Party Event. The formal consultation period finished on 19 February 2016, although the Council continued to accept feedback until 6 March 2016.

During this period, the Council ran community events, held targeted stakeholder consultation, ran sessions with school students, and developed a dedicated project website: Planning The Parade: Have Your Say!

 Overall, there were over 800 visits to the Council’s project website and 275 written submissions were received on The Parade Masterplan project.

A summary of the first stage of consultation is provided in the tabbed table below.

What do people love most about The Parade?

  • people love the ‘village’ / ‘cosmopolitan’ feel and the vibrancy, community and casual atmosphere
  • the combination of small shops and numerous cafes mixed with a strong community feel are strong factors in what people believe make up The Parade
  • the trees are continually reiterated as the key element that ‘binds’ The Parade.

What would people change about The Parade to make it better?

  • mixed support for the concept of a tram depending on tree removal, with many submissions seeking the retention of existing trees in the median strip
  • safer and wider footpaths for accessibility, reduced congestion and more opportunities for public open space and seating
  • more intervention on commercial leasing to allow smaller boutique traders to establish with lower rents.

What would people add to The Parade to improve it?

  • slower traffic speeds on The Parade with more pedestrian crossings and better traffic light synchronisation
  • bicycle infrastructure – more parking and designated bicycle lanes along The Parade rather than Beulah Road
  • enhancement of the streetscape; particularly through greenery.

Further comments received from the community and traders regarding The Parade Masterplan are provided below.

Community responses:

  • traffic – concerns for all road users at intersections, with suggestions to reduce car flow and improve cycling safety, and mixed support for and against trams
  • streetscape – desire for more public spaces that allow flexible uses and spaces for young people, road pavement repairs needed due to tree root damage, and a desire for more street art
  • side streets – concerns for pedestrian safety at both George and Edward Street intersections, and suggestions that George Street could be used as a ‘green space’
  • culture – general appreciation of the diverse appearance of buildings, desire for more activities for children and events and festivals generally
  • urban development – maintain the ‘fine-grain’ character of buildings along The Parade, support for high density development close to The Parade, and recognition that future development in Kent Town could assist in better connecting The Parade to the CBD.

Traders’ responses:

  • parking – desire for more parking generally and increased parking time limits, with suggestions for new car park areas provided
  • streetscape – mix of support for and against trams, want to see the median trees retained and more greenery provided, include performance areas to enable street parties and events, and suggestions to include infrastructure for bikes and electric car charging
  • culture – encourage a bike precinct to the area, desire for more nighttime activities such as bars and restaurants, and more designated areas for buskers
  • urban development – want to retain the existing character and appearance of The Parade with suggestions for housing to the rear of shops, larger car parks with mixed uses above, support galleries and art spaces, and encourage more development at the western end.

Phase 2 - Draft Concept Consultation (in progress)

Consultation on Phase 2 of the Masterplan is now underway, and you are invited to comment on the draft Concepts from Wednesday 30 May to Friday 22 June 2018.

A number of design concepts have been developed in response to the ideas and comments which were provided as part of Phase 1 of the Project in early 2016.

Download: The Parade Masterplan: Stage 2 Concepts

Let us know what you think:

  • do you agree with the draft Concepts?
  • are there particular aspects that you like?
  • is there something missing?

For further information and to have your say, visit: Planning The Parade: Have Your Say!

Phase 3 - Draft Masterplan Consultation (coming soon)

Following completion of the Phase 2 consultation which is currently open, the Council will review the comments which are received and develop a draft Masterplan for The Parade. The draft Masterplan will then be released for a third and final phase of consultation in late July 2018.

The comments received during Phase 3 of the Project will inform the finalisation of The Parade Masterplan, which will then be considered by the Council for endorsement at the September 2018 Council meeting.

Once the Masterplan is endorsed by the Council, it will be used to prepare detailed designs and to enable budgeting to be discussed and funding to be secured. Implementation of The Parade Masterplan will be a major commitment for the Council and for this reason will most likely be undertaken through a number of stages over the coming years.

More information

George Street Concepts

For several months now, there have been a number of claims made publicly by an anonymous party that the Council is proposing to permanently close George Street. These claims are incorrect, at no stage has the Council formally considered or approved the partial or complete closure of George Street on a permanent basis.

As part of The Parade Masterplan, the Council is looking at opportunities to improve the function, safety and amenity of George Street and to this end, two options for George Street have been developed, both of which retain George Street as a two-way street.

Option 1, maintains the status quo by retaining George Street in its current configuration, with minor modifications mainly at the intersection to improve pedestrian and vehicular safety.

Option 2, involves widening the footpaths but retains George Street as a two-way street. The widening of the footpaths will be facilitated through the removal of the on-street car parking spaces on the eastern and western side of George Street, between The Parade and Webbe Street. Additional tree planting and landscaping would also form part of these proposed works.

Neither of the two options propose the permanent closure of George Street. The Concept Options for George Street are included in the document: The Parade Masterplan: Stage 2 Concepts

Why The Parade Masterplan was delayed

The delay in the progress of The Parade Masterplan was a result of the former State Government’s decision in early 2016 to commission a $4 million study into the electrification of public transport in Adelaide, which includes investigations into the proposed EastLINK tram extension. 

The progress of the Masterplan, including the second phase of consultation, was delayed to enable the preliminary results of the State Government’s investigation to be completed. The intent was that the Council would use the results of the investigations to inform The Parade Masterplan. However, the newly elected State Government has indicated that a tram along The Parade is no longer an aspirational target.

As a result, the draft Concepts released as part of the current consultation (Phase 2) do not include options for the integration of the tram line within the existing or future streetscape.

For more information regarding AdeLINK, visit: Electrification of public transport in Adelaide, including AdeLINK - DPTI

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