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European Wasps

The Council's European Wasp Control Program is a cooperative approach to European Wasp control in South Australia.

image of European waspsThe Council has engaged Rentokil Pest Control to remove European Wasp nests from around the City.

To report a wasp nest, contact Rentokil Pest Control on 08 8344 8181

You can call Rentokil to report any nest that may be located either on your own property or in parklands or reserves.

When you have located the nest do not disturb it. Simply phone the hotline number and a Rentokil Pest Control professional will schedule the nest's removal.


Tips to deter European Wasps

In summer European Wasps start to go in search of potential breeding grounds. Much like mosquitos they like the warmer conditions this season offers.

Wasps like SWEET food and MEAT and are commonly a nuisance at outdoor eating venues and barbeques.

Tips to discourage European Wasps:

  • cover bird baths and fish ponds with fine mesh or shade cloth
  • cover exposed food at picnics and barbeques
  • avoid leaving uneaten pet food outside
  • don't drink out of cans or bottles, use a clear glass or straw
  • DO NOT aggravate a European Wasp.