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Hard Waste & E-waste Bookings

There are many ways to responsibly deal with your hard waste and electronic waste.

Dumping hard rubbish or electrical items on verges, in street gutters or on vacant land is illegal!

Please report any illegal dumping to the Council. For more information, visit: Litter & Illegal Dumping

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Households and not-for-profit organisations are entitled to two free hard waste and e-waste collection services that can be scheduled any time during the financial year.

Please note that the Council’s hard waste collection service does not extend to commercial properties. Waste generated by commercial properties is considered an operational business cost and is expected to be managed by the business.

Download: Hard Waste Brochure

Households and not-for-profit organisations are entitled to two free collections each financial year.

There is a limit of 2 cubic metres (2m long x 1m wide x 1m high) or the equivalent of a standard trailer load for each booked collection.

Hard waste

Hard waste is waste that is bulky and broken – it cannot fit into your kerbside bin or be donated to charity.

Please note: mattresses must be booked as a separate collection.

Hard waste includes:

  • air conditioners (please ensure air conditioners are degassed by a licenced professional before placing on the kerbside)
  • bikes and toys
  • blinds and window coverings
  • child car seats/restraints (cut straps before placing on kerb so that old or damaged seats are not re-used by a member of the public) Alternatively, drop off used car seats for recycling at the RAA Child Safety Centre, 101 Richmond Road Mile End.
  • clothes lines (dismantled)
  • floor coverings (up to 2 metre lengths)
  • furniture
  • hot water services
  • lawn mowers
  • mattresses (needs to be booked as a separate collection)
  • rainwater tanks
  • refrigerators and freezers (please ensure refrigerators and freezers are degassed by a licenced professional and remove doors for safety)
  • sheets of iron and guttering (up to 2 metre lengths)
  • small items of scrap metal
  • timber off cuts (up to 2 metre lengths). For safety, please ensure nails are removed or bent over.
  • tree and shrub prunnings (cut into 2 metre lengths and tied in bundles, maximum of 30 cm diameter). For alternative options and garden organics drop off locations, visit: East Waste
  • washing machines and dryers
  • wooden pallets – non-refundable/returnable.


Electronic waste (e-waste) refers to electronic products that are unwanted, not working/broken or obsolete, and have essentially reached the end of their useful life.

E-waste items include:

  • TVs, VCR/DVD/CD players, stereos, computers, laptops, printers, faxes, irons, microwaves, cameras, copiers, hair dryers, toasters, phones, vacuum cleaners etc.
  • battery operated items such as torches, cameras, power tools etc.

Since 2013 all e-waste has been banned from landfill. Unwanted e-waste needs to be taken to a suitable e-waste recycling facility for dismantling and re-manufacturing.

If you book an e-waste collection please stack e-waste separately on the kerb.

Free recycling drop off locations

For more information about recycling, visit: East Waste


  • liquid waste, household or garden chemicals, car bodies, large scrap steel, concrete, asbestos, bricks, rocks, soil, sand, ammunition, explosives, paint, oil or building site materials
  • mirrors, windows and sheets of glass (small amounts can be wrapped and placed into your general waste bin)
  • recyclables such as bottles, glass and cardboard (place in recycling bin for the Council’s fortnightly collection)
  • tree prunings and garden waste (place in organics bin for the Council's fortnightly collection)
  • fluorescent tubes and light globes (recycle for free at any Mitre 10 or IKEA store)
  • batteries (for disposal options, click on the 'Too good to waste? Reuse it!' tab below)
  • tyres (recycle at tyre retailers)
  • gas bottles (recycle at Maxbilt Trading Centre, Norwood).

A scheduled collection date will be provided by East Waste at the time of booking.

Collections will be undertaken within four weeks, however during periods of high demand this period may be longer.



Make a booking

Hard waste collection

Important: Mattress and ensemble base collections must be booked separate to hard waste.

Book hard waste collection

Mattress and ensemble collection

Mattress and ensemble base collections must be booked separate to hard waste. To make a booking, click on the Book Mattress Collection button below.

Book mattress collection

If you are unable to book online, please contact East Waste on 08 8347 5111.

A scheduled collection date will be provided by East Waste at the time of booking

Prior to your collection you will receive a confirmation email from East Waste confirming your collection date (be sure to check your junk mail if you don’t see it in your inbox). Information on the Council’s hard waste collection guidelines will also be provided.

Cancel a booking

If you need to cancel your booking, contact East Waste on 08 8347 5111 at least 3 days before your scheduled collection.

General guidelines and public safety

Please ensure waste items are:

  • placed securely on the verge no earlier than 24 hours before your collection date and no later than 7am on the collection day
  • placed in a way that does not obstruct the road or footpath
  • not stacked too high and tall items are not upright
  • less than1.5 metres in length
  • not greater than 50kg, to be safely lifted by two people
  • adequately secured so that items do not fall out when lifted
  • do not place any sharp or hazardous waste on the footpath
  • remove all doors from fridges and freezers
  • lay taller items down
  • break up larger items if possible.

Please note: items dumped at the kerbside without a confirmed booking could incur an illegal dumping / littering fine.

Too good to waste? Reuse it!

Before you book a hard waste collection, try to donate or sell unwanted items to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

If you have unwanted items in good condition you could offer them to:

  • family or friends
  • charity or op shops (some charities will collect furniture and household items at no cost)
  • salvage yards.

You can also advertise your goods for free collection on the following sites:

Recycling electronic waste

Electronic items

Unwanted electronic items can be recycled or donated using the following options:

Option 1: If in good condition, donate using:

Option 2: For various drop off locations, visit: East Waste - Electronic Recycling

Option 3:  Visit: Which Bin for a full list of drop off locations and other recycling services

Option 4: Book a Council hard waste collection. To book, visit: East Waste - Online Bookings. If you are unable to book online, contact East Waste on 08 8347 5111.

 Mobile phones

Option 1: Mobile Muster Program.

Option 2: Drop off at Allphones, Australia Post, Cartridge World, Dick Smith Electronics or Officeworks

Option 3: Drop off at the Norwood Town Hall.




(Household, single use)


The Council Depot at 30 Davis Rd, Glynde, the Norwood Town Hall or at either of the three Council libraries. Aldi and Ikea also accept rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries (AA, AAA, C, D and 9V sized).


(Car, boat, motorcycle, mobile phone, laptop and other rechargeable)

Participating stores or service stations will accept these types of batteries. To locate a battery recycling centre, visit: Century Yuasa - Recycling Centres Map


Hazardous waste

Residents have a range of options for dealing with hazardous waste.

Find out more