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Art on Parade Map

Follow the Art on Parade trail and discover contemporary works by South Australian artists.

1 - 30 April 2021

Art on Parade - bringing together local businesses and South Australian artists to offer a curated cultural experience in an urban setting.

Follow the self-guided trail and discover an exciting selection of sculptures, paintings, drawings and photographic works on display in retail and commercial businesses along The Parade, Norwood

For more events happening in our City, visit: Events & Festivals Calendar

Full listing


Artwork title

Outdoors on Parade

51 The Parade, Norwood

Eliza Koch Art

Still Life

Collective Haunt

68 The Parade, Norwood

Thomas Maguire

I really need to start walking to work, Chambers Ave

Emiko Artemis

Womyn of the mystic womb -The Three

Sheree Wright

Strength and Longevity

Sonali Patel

Return to Nature

Bendigo Bank

180 The Parade, Norwood

Tara Rose Art

Beauty within

Cathy Gray

Waratah, Milanese

Karen Judd

Divided, Drawing Near

Sabi Designs

The Lane

Norwood Town Hall

175 The Parade, Norwood

Grace Morton

My Country

Delvine Pitjara

My Country

Cindy Morton

Bush Seeds

Janet Golder

Bush Tucker

Naomi Pula Price

My Country


My Country

Eamonn Vereker Glass Art Studio & Gallery

87 Sydenham Road, Norwood

Eamonn Vereker

Various works

Norwood Football Club

4 Woods Street, Norwood

Liesbeth Pockett

Pelicans Lake, Pelicans City

Oscar Hunt

9 The Parade, Norwood

Jacek Limanowka

Eternal Rhythm No. 6

Elizabeth Hetzel

Earthskins 2

Pina Ascensio (OSAG)

Circles of Colour 1, Circles of Colour 2

Number Works'nWords

Shop 5, 53-59 The Parade, Norwood

Alana Catley

Meet me by the blue lake, Summer Pop Series

Parade Chiropractic

4 Grenfell Street, Kent Town

Elizabeth Hetzel


Anne Johnson

Red Green Dancer, Duo, Many Lights, Pyrotechnical Bloom

Pave Cafe

138 The Parade, Norwood

Robert Bogner



49 The Parade,  Norwood

Trent Blucher

Abstract Nursery, Raking Jacaranda, Frangipani, Light Swirl, Climate Weave, Of Water, Of Water Large

Catherine Fitzgerald

Rising Tide 3, Goolwa Beach, Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre, Ermanga Sea SA, Gnamma 1, Urban Water 1, Australian Alps, Sleeford Mere, Stromatolite coast SA

OV Hair Studio

98 The Parade, Norwood

Janine Dello

No money and no decent clothes

Charlotte Beddoes

Healer, Blessing

GR Phones

3/1 Margaret Street, Norwood 

Liesbeth Pocket

Owl, Seal, Butterfly

Argo on the Parade

212 The Parade, Norwood 

Mixed Media Mavens - Nikki Calabrese

Sprinkles Delight, Cups of Kindness

Mixed Media Mavens - Bev Feeney

Quietness and a cup of tea, Jewelled Delight

Mixed Media Mavens - Trish Kerwood

Tranquil Denim Dreams, Magpie Moments, Leopard Sanctuary, Pink Sanctuary, Floating Moments

Mixed Media Mavens - Angel Smith

Tea at Grandmas, Cake at Grandmas

Mixed Media Mavens - Jennifer Thompson

Bee Sting, Honey with Mine

Mixed Media Mavens - Marelle White

Tea Anyone, Cup cake

Mixed Media Mavens - Nora Mantzioris

Coffee at the Fringe, Coffee in Paris, Whimsical Garden Cake, Paper Novel Cake


174 The Parade, Norwood

Janine Dello

My Burden, Beneath Your Beautiful

Hanger Lane

166 The Parade, Norwood 

Mixed Media Mavens - Jennifer Thompson

 Bottom of the Well, Miss Lily

Mixed Media Mavens - Nikki Calabrese

Lost, Gertie’s Garden

Mixed Media Mavens - Bev Feeney

Quiet Delight

Mixed Media Mavens - Patricia Kerwood

Flower Delight, Loretta

Mixed Media Mavens - Angel Smith

Pam Grier, Lady in Gold

Mixed Media Mavens - Marelle White

Looking over my Shoulder, Red Scarf

Osmond Social Group - Bev Feeney



14 The Parade Norwood

Irina Mirosnitsenko

Blue Roofs, Evening Mood, The Maze, Medieval Tallinn, Shadows from the Past, In the Moonlight, Gates to Fairy-Tale

Optomed Optometrists

25 Norwood Mall, 168 The Parade, Norwood

Carmine Terreri

The Crossing

Liesbeth Pockett

Pelican, Corella

Pfitzner Furniture

33/35 The Parade, Norwood 

Trevor Hancox

Touches of Blue, High Flyers

Angelee Theodoros

Remarkable Rocks, Lake Argyle, Monet's Garden, Connections

Osmond Social Group  - Yvonne Hocking

Autumn Colours

Osmond Social Group  - Graeme Slade

Gully, Mimi

Osmond Social Group  - Graham Watts

Three Coloured Cherries, Three Roses

Mac Centre Norwood

236A The Parade, Norwood

Liesbeth Pockett

Wattlebird, Forest Dragon, Sea Dragon

Betta Home Furnishings

46 The Parade, Norwood

Robyn Bronham

The Power of Love, Out of the Shadows, Kruger Royalty, Cooling Down, Ingwe

The Colonist

44 The Parade, Norwood 

Nikki Carrabetta

Cultural Journey

 Kari Bienert

Flow, Rainbow Revelation

Catherine Fitzgerald

Icon, Persimmon

Evy Moschakis

Little Did She Know

Parade Central

185 The Parade, Norwood

Elizabeth Hetzel

Earthskins 1, Rise, Bloom

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