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Planning Assessment

Development plan consent (planning consent) involves an assessment of the overall concept of your proposal by a Council planning officer.

Development - planning assessmentDevelopment plan consent takes the following into consideration:

  • the zoning of the land
  • the physical constraints of the land and the potential impacts of the proposal on neighbours and on the broader locality
  • The Development Plan

The Development Plan includes the guidelines referred to by the planning officer when assessing your application for development plan consent. For more information, download: City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters Development Plan.

Some development may only require development plan consent. This generally applies in circumstances where there is no physical structure to consider. For example, a change in the use of the land but no change to the structure or classification of the building under the Building Code of Australia (e.g. hairdressing shop to a restaurant).

If your development requires both development plan consent and building rules consent, you must obtain development plan consent in the first instance. You are able to apply for both consents at the same time, however, the building rules assessment will not commence until a planning assessment has been undertaken and development plan consent is granted.

If development plan consent is refused, the Council will refund the portion of the fees relevant to the building rules assessment.

If your application requires development plan consent, the assessing officer will determine whether your proposal is a complying or non-complying form of development. If it is neither, then it will be considered on its merits and is commonly called a 'merit' form of development. Around 75 pr cent of all applications are assessed as 'merit' forms of development.


Download fact sheets:

Download: What are the different types of development?

Download: Can I apply for a non-complying development?




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