Development Strategy & Policy

Strategic planning activities and projects assist in the formulation of land use planning policies and help to shape outcomes for built form and land use within the City. 

Draft Educational Establishments Review DPA update

Consultation for the Educational Establishments Review DPA has now closed.

To view copies of the submissions received, download: Submissions - Draft Educational Establishments Review DPA >

For more information about the consultation and to download the Draft DPA , visit: Community Consultation >

The Council undertakes a range of strategic planning activities and projects. These activities are guided by two key state level strategic documents - South Australia’s Strategic Plan and 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide and one regional strategic document - the Inner Metro Rim Structure Plan.

These documents provide the strategic context for the future development of South Australia and contain development objectives, policies and targets for both metropolitan Adelaide and regional South Australia. For more information:

Visit: South Australia’s Strategic Plan

Visit: 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide

Download: Inner Metro Rim Structure Plan

To view the links between these documents and the Council’s own strategic planning processes, download: Development strategy and policy diagram