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Amending Development Plans

A development plan can only be amended via the preparation of a development plan amendment (DPA).

The Development Act 1993 provides that either a council or the State Minister for Planning can amend a council's development plan. This is necessary to ensure that development plans remain up-to-date and responsive to various needs and trends.

The process of amending development plans involves the preparation of a development plan amendment (DPA). The DPA details the issues at hand, the investigations undertaken, the policy response, and the amendments to the development plan needed to put those policies into action.

Development plan amendments require the approval of the State Government, via the Minister for Planning to become operative and are subject to Parliamentary review.

Depending on the nature of a development plan amendment, this process can take many months to complete. The process also generally requires extensive investigations and policy preparation, as well as consultation with the community, state government agencies and other organisations, which are likely to have an interest in the DPA.

Once a DPA process has been finalised and approved by the state planning minister, the changes to the development plan are notified in the Government Gazette and become operative from that date. The development plan is then republished in its amended form.

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