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Third Creek Drainage Upgrade: Stage 2

Third Creek Drainage Upgrade: Stage 2

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Category: Stormwater drainage network

Project management

Managed by: City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters

Design: Tonkin Consulting

Main contractor: Beltrame Civil Operations Pty Ltd

Subcontractor: WS Concrete

The Third Creek Drainage Upgrade Project forms part of a $38.4 million program to upgrade the City’s stormwater drainage network over the next 15 years.

The upgrade will benefit the community by:

  • addressing and reducing the impacts of flooding
  • helping to protect residents, their homes and property
  • protecting the City’s assets such as footpaths, kerbing and street trees.


The City’s stormwater drainage network is one of many infrastructure assets which is provided and maintained by the Council for the community. The network removes surface water from roadways and provides appropriate levels of flood protection throughout the City.

The City-wide upgrades to the stormwater drainage network follows a floodplain mapping project which identified locations at risk of flooding and considers a range of future scenarios that could influence this including infill development and expected climate change.

Stage 1 of the Upgrade, completed in August 2020, increased capacity of Third Creek from Bridge Road to Payneham Road, Payneham, which also included the former Schweppes site at 382 Payneham Road, Payneham.

Project details

The Third Creek Drainage Upgrade Project: Stage 2 will increase the capacity of Third Creek from Bridge Road to Payneham Road, Payneham.

Works include:

  • construction of new concrete base and walls from Henry Street to Bridge Road
  • increased catchment area between Henry Street and Bridge Road
  • construction of new concrete culverts under Bridge Road
  • increased flow path under Bridge Road
  • relocation of services along Bridge Road.

Site Address

Third Creek, Payneham



Key dates


Project Contact

Contact Rico Palombella

Contact role Project Manager, Civil

Phone 08 8366 4555


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  • Endorsed by Council

    December 2019


  • Construction commenced

    January 2021


  • Major construction works including relocation of water main, installation of reinforced concrete box culverts and installation of stormwater pipes

    February 2021


  • Laying of concrete kerbing and road asphalt, reinstatement of driveways and fencing

    March 2021


  • Project completion

    April 2021