Community Consultation

Your views, ideas and suggestions are important in helping to shape the future of the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters.

The Council is committed to effective consultation with our citizens and other stakeholders on issues which affect them. Listed below are the projects and programs we are currently seeking feedback on.

For more information on our approach to community consultation, download: Community Consultation Policy


Current consultation

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Ninth Avenue streetscape enhancements


The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters has identified a number of opportunities to enhance the safety, accessibility and presentation of Ninth Avenue, between Stephen Terrace and Battams Road.

Ninth Avenue is recognised as a valued character street and popular cycling and walking route between the Adelaide CBD and the River Torrens Linear Park.

CityPlan 2030: Shaping Our Future, the Council’s long-term strategic plan, aspires to create a connected, accessible and pedestrian friendly community, through pleasant, well designed and sustainable urban environments, including quality local streetscapes.

Project summary

In addition to the programmed road resurfacing, kerbing and line-marking of Ninth Avenue between Winchester Avenue and Lambert Avenue which the Council had scheduled to deliver in 2016/17, the Council has identified a number of other opportunities to enhance the safety, accessibility and presentation of Ninth Avenue for the local community, in alignment with the aims of CityPlan 2030.

The proposed improvements to the safety, accessibility and presentation of Ninth Avenue include:

  • resurfacing of the existing road and brick paving to the existing bitumen (hotmix) or concrete footpaths;
  • improving the legibility for local vehicles, cyclists and on street parking with new line-marking;
  • improving the pedestrian safety and access at roundabouts and across local side streets;
  • improving the design of the street to encourage safer driver behaviour along Ninth Avenue and the connecting side streets;
  • providing greater protection for existing trees along the street;
  • enhancing the tree-lined avenue of the existing street with additional or replacement trees;
  • reconstructing and replanting the roundabouts and establishing new landscaped kerb extensions at the adjacent side streets; and
  • providing wayfinding signage to improve access to the River Torrens Linear Park, Adelaide CBD and local shops and community services.

As a result, the Council has resolved to delay the programmed road resurfacing, kerbing and line-marking, and instead deliver the complete suite of works, including the safety, accessibility and presentation improvements as a complete package in 2017/18.

Concept plans

The proposed streetscape enhancements to Ninth Avenue are detailed in the Concept Plans below.

The Ninth Avenue Concept Plan will include the following five different opportunities to enhance the safety, accessibility and presentation of the streetscape. A description, location plan and illustrative cross-section are shown below to demonstrate each opportunity.

Download: Concept Plans - Complete Set

Concept plans image gallery

Click on a concept  image to view a larger size and start slideshow.

Streetscape overview

Below is a Concept Plan for the entire streetscape with annotations about the proposed works.

Click on the concept image to view a larger size.

Kerb extensions

Kerb extensions will improve the pedestrian visibility along Ninth Avenue, as well as improve the safety and accessibility for pedestrians crossing the street, slow local vehicle speeds and improve the presentation of the street with new landscaping.

Generally, kerb extensions will not result in the loss of any on-street parking, or restrict access to any existing driveway. At the Koolaman Street / Werina Avenue intersection, the Concept Plan identifies an opportunity for the kerb extension to capture and filter road runoff before discharging into the existing stormwater system. This will provide improved environmental benefits and will be a demonstration of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD).

To connect with the existing stormwater side-entry pit, the kerb extensions adjacent the Werina Avenue corner will result in the loss of one on-street car park, which is identified on the plan below.

Click on the concept  image to view a larger size.

Street trees

Healthy, leafy trees are an important part of the character of Ninth Avenue. The new kerbing alignment will, where possible, provide additional support to many of the existing trees. However, the Concept Plan identifies three existing Jacaranda trees, located within the roadway and in poor health, that will require removal and replacement with London Plane trees.

The streetscape enhancements will include the planting of additional street trees where there are existing gaps along the street, in accordance with the consolidated tree species plan below. The detailed design of the streetscape works may require the additional removal and replacement of other trees, if they are found to be of poor health, structure or affecting the function of the street. The plan below will inform the Council’s longer term renewal program to replace existing trees that are ageing, of poor health, poor structure or an inappropriate species.

Click on the concept image to view a larger size.

Project delivery

The streetscape enhancement project works are anticipated to commence in the latter part of 2017, and work will be scheduled (if necessary) to avoid any disruption to the local community events held during the Christmas period.


How to have your say

Written submissions are invited from interested persons and must be addressed to:

By email to:

Ninth Avenue Streetscape Enhancements Project
City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters
PO Box 204
Kent Town SA 5071

All written submissions must be received by no later than 5.00pm, Monday 3 April 2017.

More information

To view a hard copy of the plans, please visit the Council’s Customer Service Centres located at:

  • Norwood Town Hall, 175 The Parade, Norwood
  • St Peters Library, 101 Payneham Road, St Peters

For further information regarding the Ninth Avenue Streetscape Enhancements Project, please contact Matthew Hill, Acting Project Manager – Civil, on telephone 08 8366 4559.


Review of Elector Representation consultation


Pursuant to the provisions of Section 12(7) of the Local Government Act 1999, the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters has undertaken a review to determine whether alterations are required in respect to its elector representation, including the composition of the Council and existing Ward boundaries.

The Council currently comprises a Mayor and 13 Elected Members, with the City divided into six Wards. Following consultation regarding a number of possible options for the future composition of the Council, the Council has proposed to retain the current structure and composition as follows:

  1. The position of Mayor be retained
  2. There continue to be Wards
  3. There continue to be Ward Councillors and no area Councillors
  4. The number of Elected Members remain at 13 and the Mayor (total of 14 Elected Members)
  5. The current structure of six (6) Wards remain, with the following changes proposed to current Ward boundaries:
  • Transfer of the whole of the suburb of Hackney from the St Peters Ward to the West Norwood/Kent Town Ward, and
  • Minor realignment of part of the existing boundary between the Payneham Ward and the Maylands/Trinity Ward to form a proposed new section of the boundary between the two Wards.

Representation Review Report

The Council has prepared a Representation Review Report which details the Review process, public consultation undertaken and additional information regarding the proposal for the future structure and composition of the Council (as outlined above), which the Council considers could be carried into effect.

Download: Representation Review Report

Alternatively, hard copies of the Representation Review Report can be
obtained from Norwood Town Hall and Council Libraries

How to have your say

Written submissions are invited from interested persons and must be addressed to:

By email to:

By post:
Elector Representation Review
City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters
PO Box 204, Kent Town SA 5071

In person: Norwood Town Hall, 175 The Parade, Norwood

All written submissions must be received by 5pm, Friday 31 March 2017.

All persons making a written submission will be given the opportunity to address the Council in relation to their submission, at the Council Meeting to be held on Monday 10 April 2017.

More information

For further information regarding the Representation Review, please contact Lisa Mara, General Manager, Governance & Community Affairs, on 8366 4549 or

Swimming Centres Review - Have Your Say


In 2016, the Council undertook a review of the Norwood and Payneham Memorial Swimming Centres to ensure that these valued assets continue to remain relevant to the needs and expectations of our community.

We are now seeking your feedback on the proposed redevelopment options for both the Norwood and Payneham Memorial Swimming Centres.

To find out more and to have your say, visit:

Elector Representation review - have your say!


The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters is undertaking a representation review to determine whether the Council should make any changes to the number of its Elected Members and the structure of its existing ward boundaries.

In accordance with the Local Government Act 1999 the Council has developed a Representation Options Paper which examines the various options for the composition and structure of the Council, to suit the population and demographic trends of the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters.

Download: Representation Options Paper

The Representation Options Paper was endorsed by the Council at its meeting held on Monday 7 November 2016 and will be on public consultation from 16 November 2016 until 20 January 2017.

Alternatively, you can view the Options Paper  in hard copy at the following locations:

How to have your say

To have your say, download and complete: Representation Review Feedback Form

Your feedback must be received by 5pm, Friday 20 January 2017 and addressed to Elector Representation Review, City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters, PO 204 Kent Town SA 5081 or via email to

Consultation process and next steps

Following consideration of the submissions which are received during the consultation period regarding the Options Paper, the Council will prepare a Representation Review Report which documents its deliberations and endorsed proposal for the future composition and structure of the Council.

The Representation Review Report will then also be released for public consultation.

More information

Lisa Mara
General Manager, Governance & Community Affairs
T: 8366 4549

Draft Policy for the Display of Business Merchandise on Footpaths


The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters is interested in your views regarding the introduction of a new Policy for the Display of Business Merchandise on Footpaths.

The Council is introducing a new Policy to ensure that the display of business merchandise and objects on footpaths occurs in a manner that maximises the benefits to traders, whilst at the same time, ensures safety, accessibility and convenience for all pedestrians and patrons. 

Whilst the Council recognises the economic benefits that the display of merchandise on footpaths provides to businesses and the contribution that it makes to the vibrancy of retail and commercial precincts, the unregulated and ad-hoc use of footpaths to display business merchandise and objects can create potential trip hazards and restrict access.  

Given that the Council has a duty to properly manage its Local Government Land (which footpaths form a part of), and to protect the interests of the community at large in accessing and using Local Government Land, the Council has developed a draft Policy for the Display of Business Merchandise on Footpaths to ensure that all displays on footpaths are established, operated and maintained in an appropriate manner. 

The draft Policy, which has been developed to ensure uniformity with the Council’s Outdoor Dining Policy, proposes to have all business merchandise and/or objects located adjacent to the kerb and not adjacent to buildings. In some cases (not in relation to any business located on The Parade, Norwood), approval may be granted for the display of business merchandise and objects to be located adjacent to the associated building. Approval for merchandise to be located adjacent to a building will be at the absolute discretion of the Council and will only apply in circumstances where it is impractical for the merchandise to be located adjacent to the kerb.

To date the Council has not issued permits to traders who display business merchandise or other objects on footpaths for promotional and aesthetic purposes. Through the introduction of this Policy, all businesses wishing to display merchandise and/or objects on the footpath will be required to apply for a permit.

Download: Draft Policy - Display of Business Merchandise on Footpaths

For more information, download: Council Report - 3 August 2015 and refer to Item 11.2.


How to have your say

Consultation will be held from Wednesday 14 September 2016 and feedback must be provided by no later than 5pm Monday 14 November 2016.

You are invited to provide your comments in the following ways:

Write to the Council:
Attention: Ms Keke Michalos
Acting Manager, Economic Development & Strategy Projects
City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters
PO Box 204, Kent Town SA 5071

Email your feedback to:


More information

For more information, contact the Council’s Acting Manager, Economic Development & Strategy Projects, Keke Michalos, on 08 8366 4509 or email

Short term lease – 49 George Street, Norwood


The Council is proposing to grant a further lease of the premises at 49 George Street, Norwood (immediately north of the entrance into the Norwood Concert Hall), to continue its use as a creative retail hub.  

The Council is also proposing to amend the Community Land Management Plan (CLMP) for the Norwood Town Hall, to permit future leases of 49 George Street, without the need to undertake community consultation on every lease.  

You are invited to consider these proposals and provide your feedback to the Council. 

Download: Draft Norwood Town Hall CLMP

Download: Lease Agreement - 49 George Street, Norwood

For more information, download: Council Minutes - 7 March 2016


How to have your say

You are invited to provide written feedback in the following ways:  

Feedback closes 5pm, Friday 26 August 2016.



Alan Pickering
Property Officer
T: 08 8366 4507


Draft Private Laneways Policy - have your say!


The Council has endorsed a Draft Private Laneways Policy and is seeking feedback from the community in order to assist the Council in finalising this Policy.

Download: Draft Private Laneways Policy

Please forward your written comments to:

Chief Executive Officer
City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters
PO Box 204
Kent Town SA 5071

Or via email to

All written submissions must be received by 5pm on Friday 29 April 2016.

For further information, contact the Council on 08 8366 4555.

Beulah Road Bicycle Boulevard - Have your Say!


The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters is proposing to develop a bicycle boulevard along Beulah Road, Norwood, which is a popular route for cycling to and from the Adelaide CBD.

Beulah Road has been identified within the Council's City-wide Cycling Plan as an appropriate location to form a bicycle boulevard, to offer a convenient alternative to cycling on main arterial roads, such as The Parade and Magill Road, as well as creating a more inviting place to walk and a more attractive place to live.


Concept plan

The Council has considered various design options for the proposed bicycle boulevard and has selected a preferred option, which includes the implementation of various safety and amenity improvements along Beulah Road, between Fullarton Road and Portrush Road.

The preferred option allows for local vehicle access to remain unchanged and on-street parking to be largely retained.

Download: Beulah Road Bicycle Boulevard Concept Plan

Click on an image to view a larger size.

Have your say!

The Council is seeking your feedback on the Concept Plan.

You can provide your feedback via email:

Alternatively, you can mail your feedback to: City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters, Beulah Road Bicycle Boulevard Project, 175 The Parade, Norwood SA 5067 

Feedback must be received by 5pm, Friday 1 April 2016.

Community information session

Date: Thursday 17 March
Time: 3pm - 6pm
Location: Median - intersection of Osmond Terrace and Beulah Road, Norwood  

Free refreshments provided!

Council staff will be available to discuss aspects of the Concept Plan and receive your feedback.

More information

Benefits of bicycle boulevards

Bicycle boulevards provide a lower-speed environment on quiet, low-traffic streets where more people feel comfortable to ride.

Bicycle boulevards are designed to:

  • slow traffic and discourage rat-running on residential streets
  • increase awareness of people riding bikes along the street
  • position cyclists where they are visible to drivers and at less risk of opening car doors
  • provide safer crossings of main roads that intersect the route

Proposed safety and amenity improvements

To achieve a safe environment on Beulah Road and to encourage cyclist numbers to increase further, the Concept Plan proposes a number of safety and amenity improvements.

 Overview of improvements:

  • removal of the existing centre line, bicycle lane and car parking lane line markings other than between Queen Street and Portrush Road
  • pavement markings  (known as sharrows) at intervals along Beulah Road and entry points
  • distinctive pavement treatments for each roundabout side road entry to Beulah Road (these may include the use of pavers, imprinted bitumen or concrete)
  • raised table platforms (approximately 100mm in height) with distinctive pavement at three intersections (including Runge Place shown on the inset plan
  • mid-block raised table platforms (approximately 100mm in height) with distinctive pavement at 6 intermediate locations
  • Fullarton Road gateway with distinctive pavement, feature signage and extension of the shared path to link to a short bike lane for cyclists to move on to the road and to increase driver awareness of merging cyclists
  • wombat crossing adjacent to Norwood Primary School and Norwood Oval
  • extended median treatment for Osmond Terrace including raised thresholds for both Beulah Road entries, kerb build-outs to assist pedestrians crossing Osmond Terrace, distinctive pavement and bicycle lane treatment on Osmond Terrace around the Beulah Road intersections and a median upgrade incorporating pedestrian and cyclist routes, surface paving, trees and landscaping
  • eastbound bike lane between Queen Street and Portrush Road to enable cyclists to safely access the Portrush Road crossing
  • Portrush Road gateway treatment including landscaped build-outs, feature signage, distinctive pavement.

Design options considered by the Council

For an overview of the design options considered and traffic considerations for the Beulah Road Bicycle Boulevard, download: Design Options and Traffic Impact Report




Planning The Parade - have your say!


The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters is developing a Masterplan for The Parade, Norwood which will guide the redevelopment of this significant mainstreet precinct.

You are invited to tell us what you love about The Parade and provide your ideas on what you would like considered in The Parade Masterplan.

In recognition of the regional appeal and importance of this Project, the Council has established a unique 'Have Your Say'  web page that will provide those interested in the Project the opportunity to:

  • share knowledge and experiences as residents, employees, building owners, local businesses or visitor to The Parade
  • influence the planning, design direction and priorities for the Masterplan
  • be informed of regular updates and have opportunity to provide comment as the Masterplan develops.

For more information or to provide your comments, visit: Have Your Say  

Comments may also be made in writing to Keke Michalos, Acting Manager, Economic Development & Strategic Projects via email to

Schools Traffic Safety and Parking Review


The Council has engaged Tonkin Consulting, as its Lead Consultant and in partnership with GTA Consulting, to undertake a review of traffic, safety and parking adjacent all schools located within the City.

The key objective of the review is to identify the various issues which require to be addressed by the Council and (other stakeholders) and devise options in terms of how these issues could be addressed.

The Council's Consulting Team has collated a significant amount of traffic, parking and other data, as well as site observations and surveys for each school. A draft report for each site has been produced on the basis of the data and observations which has been collated and analysed.

The draft reports have been provided to the schools, Department of Education and Child Development (DECD), Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI), South Australia Police (SAPOL), Catholic Education South Australia and Independent School Association South Australia for review and feedback.

In addition, consultation on the draft reports is also being undertaken with residents and business operators who are considered to be directly affected by any of the proposed recommendations. Letters have been sent to these residents and business operators by Tonkin Consulting informing them of the review and inviting their comments.

All feedback to be received from all stakeholders, residents and business operators will guide the Council's Consulting Team in finalising reports for each site which will then be submitted to the Council for its consideration.

Residents or business operators who have received a letter from Tonkin Consulting can review a hard copy of the draft reports at the Norwood Town Hall (8.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday). Alternatively, a copy of the report for each of the schools which are the subject of this review can be downloaded by clicking on the relevant link below:

East Adelaide School
Kensington Centre (former)
Loreto College
Marden Senior College and Open Access School
Marryatville High School
Marryatville Primary School
Mary Mackillop College
Norwood Primary School
Prince Alfred College
St Ignatius College
St Joseph's Memorial School (Kensington)
St Joseph's Memorial School (Norwood)
St Joseph's School (Payneham)
St Peter's College
Trinity Gardens Primary School
Felixstow Community School

Comments are to be submitted in writing via email to or letter addressed to:

Paul Simons
Senior Project Manager
Tonkin Consulting
Level 2, 66 Rundle Street

All comments are required to be received by no later than 5.00pm, Friday 18 December 2015.

Further information regarding this project can be obtained by contacting the Council's Manager, City Assets, Claude Malak on o8 8366 4533 or email