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Groove Sessions with The Idea of North


Saturday, 10th Mar 2018
7:00pm 8:15pm
Norwood Concert Hall
Phone: 0438095948
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The Idea Of North have added the world's most incredible jazz vocal percussionist, Kaichiro Kitamura (JAPAN) to their ranks, and for the first time since the group's inception you'll get five singers for the price of four. What Kai can do really do has to be seen, but even then you still may not believe it. Kai's virtuosity is difficult to describe, but even more difficult to not be astounded by.

He's the groove to The Idea of North's jazz, the rock to their roll - an ideal and seamless addition to the group's engaging and entrancing repertoire.

This will be a memorable evening of astonishing vocalisation and heart-warming music, all presented with TION's endearing and WYSIWYG style.

Don't miss this celebration of the most recent and exciting iteration of TION to date!

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