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The Parade’s amenity to be significantly impacted – as new infrastructure work is allowed to proceed


The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters’ legal bid to protect The Parade and George Street intersection from becoming an intersection more associated with a major arterial road – and to save regulated trees – has been dismissed by the Supreme Court, seriously impacting on the future quality and identity of Adelaide’s premier main street

The decision reached the Supreme Court after the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) – which had previously been working productively and collaboratively with the Council for four years on The Parade Masterplan and approved the Council’s proposal to install a ‘scramble crossing’ to protect pedestrians – chose to change its position (without justification) and support two private property owners, who wanted dedicated right hand lanes installed, without right turn green arrows, in addition to the ‘scramble crossing

In January 2017, the Council initiated the proposal for a ‘scramble crossing’, a key component of The Parade Masterplan. The Masterplan had, of course, been years in the making with significant input from the community, traders and DIT to determine its final form. The final document does not propose right-turn lanes at the intersection

The Council’s General Manager, Governance and Community Affairs, Lisa Mara, said the Supreme Court dismissal of the Council’s position was extremely disappointing. 

“The Council went to court to fight for the Norwood community, the majority of The Parade traders and the wider community, to ensure that Adelaide’s premier main street is preserved as a street for people and does not become a main arterial road,” Ms Mara said. 

“This legal decision leaves many questions unanswered about the process surrounding the change of position by DIT and the agreement entered into between DIT and two private property owners.” 

Ms Mara said information in key documents, which are now public because they were related to the trial, should cause concern about what occurred behind the scenes - without any notice to, or involvement of, the Council, or indeed the community. 

“We now know that about two weeks after former Minister Knoll approved the Council proposal for a 12-month trial of the scramble crossing, lobbying occurred for right hand turn lanes with an offer to pay for the ‘shortfall’ of any cost. That lobbying appears to have produced the result that we are now faced with,” Ms Mara said.

“We also know that shortly after that meeting, DIT staff were instructed to start working with the property owners on a new proposal and agreement which included significant changes to the existing intersection.

“We also know the Commissioner of Highways (DIT’s Chief Executive Officer) appointed another official to review the matter (as a result of the Council’s legal challenge). The official said he prepared his justification for his reasons in consultation with the same legal advisors acting for the Minister and the Commissioner in connection with the proceedings. This does not seem appropriate to the Council.

“The very serious question to be answered is why private property interests have been given preferential consideration, while the voices of 400 other Parade traders and property owners were not heard and the Council’s representation and submissions appear to have been ignored by DIT.”

Ms Mara said local residents and visitors to The Parade should be under no illusion as to the “devastating impact on the amenity on The Parade that will come from the introduction of right-hand turns”.

“The decision means that vehicles rather than pedestrians become the dominant feature of The Parade, going against everything that The Masterplan is aiming to achieve.

“At times, pedestrians are already waiting more than ninety seconds – which can seem like an eternity when you want cross the road. The introduction of another phase for the scramble crossing will mean even longer waiting times. In addition, turning right at this intersection will not significantly improved.”

The Council has lodged this current appeal to protect its interests while it awaits for Justice Parker to present his reasons for this dismissal of the case.


After working with the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) over a four-year period in good faith, the ‘scramble crossing’ was endorsed by DIT. Then, in June 2020, the Minister approved the installation of the ‘scramble crossing’ on the condition that right hand turns from The Parade into George Street would be prohibited during peak hours for westbound traffic during 7.30am – 9.00am and for eastbound traffic from 4.00pm – 6.00pm.

The Council has never advocated for the banning of right hand turns from The Parade onto George Street.

However, on the basis that the ‘scramble crossing’ could not be installed without this DIT condition being agreed to and on the basis that the bans on right hand turns would only be trialled for a 12-month period, the Council agreed to the condition.

However, for reasons unknown to the Council, in September 2020, DIT suddenly had a change in position and, unbeknown to the Council at the time and contrary to four years’ worth of work, chose to secretly negotiate with private property owners, who wanted dedicated right hand lanes installed and without any consultation.

Given the significant and permanent impact which these changes will have on this intersection, the Council strongly believed in its obligation to represent the views of the community and to pursue the matter in the Supreme Court.

Media contact Simonne Reid: 0400 650 951

Travel voucher winner “over the moon” thanks to unique NPSP competition


A Payneham resident who booked a holiday with Travel Associates on The Parade has described winning $1000 of free travel as “wonderful and extremely exciting”.

Marion Hunter said she was “absolutely flabbergasted and over the moon” when she was announced as one of four weekly winners in the Book a Holiday – Win a Holiday competition.

The month long competition is an initiative of the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters and the Norwood Parade Precinct Committee.

It was created to help boost the struggling travel sector, which has been significantly impacted as a result of the covid pandemic.

Mayor Robert Bria, who is also the Presiding Member of the Norwood Parade Precinct Committee, said Book a Holiday – Win a Holiday provides direct support and stimulation to the following travel agencies located on The Parade:

  • Helloworld
  • Phil Hoffmann Travel
  • Top Deck Travel
  • Travel Associates

“The premise behind the competition is simple: when you book with your local, trusted, travel agent you will be supporting local jobs,” Mayor Bria said.

Ms Hunter said she originally booked a holiday with Travel Associates to go to Melbourne later in the year.

“Now, as a result of winning the $1000 voucher, I am going to take my daughter, Zara, either on a Luxury Escape in SA or put it towards going to Tasmania. We are both so excited and very grateful,” Ms Hunter said.

“Covid has changed our travel possibilities but this has made me realise how many wonderful places I still have to explore in Australia, and in particular, South Australia.

“I always use Travel Associates at Norwood. It provides peace of mind if travel plans unexpectedly change and it’s easier than doing it myself,” she said.

So far, there have been 12 x $1000 travel vouchers given to lucky holiday-makers who have spent a minimum of $200 at any of the four agencies located on The Parade.

 “While many other businesses along The Parade have rebounded quite well - travel agencies are still feeling the impacts of the pandemic,” Mayor Bria said.

“It may be a long time before frequent international travel returns and, in the meantime, the Council wants to do whatever it can to help the local economy.”

The competition is delivered through the funds collected from The Parade Separate Rate and is outlined in The Parade Precinct’s Annual Business Plan.

For more information visit:

Media enquiries: Mayor Robert Bria on 0431 754 077

Calling all young people who want to boost their radio and broadcasting skills


The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters is partnering with Three D Radio to deliver New Vibes, a program for young people who are looking to broaden their radio production and broadcasting skills.

Mayor Robert Bria said New Vibes is a radio show which is produced by young people, for young people in order to help them prepare for jobs of the future.

“If you want to create and produce your own radio show, New Vibes is the program for you,” Mayor Bria said.

“New Vibes is a radio training program that leaves participants with a toolbox of skills to launch them into a range of industries,” he said.

Participants will receive an intensive introduction to radio including program, live on air and technical production as well as development of teamwork and DJing skills.

“The ultimate goal of the training is to create and produce an engaging and entertaining weekly radio show,” Mayor Bria added.

“By utilising the local knowledge from the volunteers at Three D Radio, the New Vibes team will receive expertise and skills in a technical and hands-on environment.”

Previously the Council delivered Youth FM which was targeted at 15 to 25 year olds. However, this program has been superseded by New Vibes because of its more targeted training.

For the first round of the program, participants will need to Saturday training sessions on 10:00am – 4:00pm Saturday 24 and 31 July

Applications are open to people aged 18 - 25 years who live, work or study in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs.

Expressions of interest are open now up until Monday 21 June 2021. For more information visit:

Media enquiries: Mayor Robert Bria on 0431 754 07


Major playground and path upgrades to proceed thanks to $1.8m State Government funding boost


Local residents and the wider community will benefit greatly from major upgrades to the Dunstan Adventure Playground and the River Torrens Linear Park Path Project, thanks to a $1.8 million funding boost from the State Government

As part of the Open Space and Places for People Grant Program, the City of Norwood, Payneham & St Peters will receive $1.35 million for Stage 2 of the River Torrens Linear Park Shared Path Enhancement Project with the Council providing $1.625 million

The State Government has also agreed to fund $450,000 for the Dunstan Adventure Playground Redevelopment Project, with the Council providing $550,000.

Mayor Robert Bria said the Council was absolutely thrilled with the State Government’s funding contribution.

The much-loved Dustan Adventure Playground, at St Peters, has several pieces of outdated play equipment requiring regular maintenance. The redevelopment will include:

  • the installation of new adventure themed play equipment (and the removal of old equipment)
  • carpark and entry improvements
  • new public toilets
  • a new shade structure
  • lighting
  • better path integration with the River Torrens Linear Park.

“The playground was constructed in the 1980s and although it is still very popular, this funding boost will ensure it stays appealing, safe and practical for many years to come,” Mayor Bria said.

“The upgraded playground will provide opportunities for recreation and relaxation, while creating a ‘sense of place’ and strong social interaction.”

In respect to the River Torrens Linear Park Shared Path, Stage 2 involves the completion of the total Project which will extend from Battams Road, Royston Park to Twelftree Reserve, College Park. Stage 1 of this Project was completed in 2020.

“The Council would like to thank the State Government for its generous contribution in ensuring our City continues to be a fantastic place to live, work and visit and play. Not only will these major projects provide much joy to families and the wider community, they also will provide a boost for the economy and create jobs,” Mayor Bria said.

“These projects have been scheduled to be undertaken over the next couple of years and have been brought forward as a result of this State Government grant funding,” he said.

Media enquiries: Mayor Robert Bria on 0431 754 07

Have your say on reducing the speed limit to 40km/h in Norwood and Kent Town


Ratepayers and residents are being encouraged to have their say on whether the speed limit should be reduced from 50km/h to 40km/h in residential streets in Norwood and Kent Town.

Mayor Robert Bria said a reduction from 50km/h to 40km/h was a proposal the Council was considering as a way improve safety for all road users.

“Slower speeds are often associated with safer streets and neighbourhoods,” Mayor Bria said.

“A reduced speed limit also has the potential to create a better balance between traffic flows and safety.”

Mayor Bria said a 40km/h area speed limit was implemented successfully in Stepney, Maylands and Evandale in 2019.

A selection of these streets were evaluated in 2020 which identified a successful outcome with mean speeds reducing by up to 4km/h.

“There are many ways for ratepayers and residents to have their say and provide their thoughts to the Council,” Mayor Bria said.

Residents, home-owners and businesses in Norwood and Kent Town will receive a postcard with a QR Code and link to the Council’s website that will provide details of the proposal and a short on-line survey.  

“The Council knows that while speed limit reductions can improve road safety, they have not always been welcomed by some citizens for a variety of reasons,” Mayor Bria said.

“This consultation will help to get a better sense of community sentiment in regards to introducing reduced speed limits in Kent Town and Norwood,” he said.

For community members who don’t use computers, hard copies of the survey are available by calling the Council on 8366 4555.

The consultation period closes on 21 June and a report will be presented to the Council detailing the outcomes of the community consultation.

For more information please visit:

Media enquiries: Mayor Robert Bria on 0431 754 077