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NPSP supports The Parade’s economy with unique competition for holidaymakers


Holidaymakers will reap the rewards of a new and unique competition which is the brainchild of the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters and the Norwood Parade Precinct Committee.

The competition was created to help boost the struggling travel sector, which has been significantly impacted as a result of the covid pandemic.

Mayor Robert Bria, who is also the Presiding Member of the Norwood Precinct Committee, said Book a Holiday – Win a Holiday will provide direct support and stimulation to the following travel agencies:

  • Helloworld
  • Phil Hoffmann Travel
  • Top Deck Travel
  • Travel Associates

From today, holidaymakers and sightseers who spend a minimum of $200 at any of the four agencies will have the chance to win a $1,000 voucher, with the travel agency they booked their trip with.

This will directly inject $4,000 into each of the four travel agencies and will result in a total of sixteen $1,000 voucher winners, four a week for four weeks.

“While many other businesses along The Parade have rebounded quite well - travel agencies are still feeling the impacts of the pandemic,” Mayor Bria said.

“It may be a long time before frequent international travel returns and, in the meantime, the Council wants to do whatever it can to help the local economy.

“Another additional benefit is that by booking through a local travel agency, the stress of any arising covid restrictions is also reduced, because the staff can handle any changes to flights or accommodation.

“The premise behind the competition is simple: when you book with your local, trusted, travel agent you will be supporting local jobs.

“I wish the very best of luck to the four weekly winners who will receive $1000 – with a total of $16,000 given away over the entirety of the competition.”

The competition is delivered through the funds collected from The Parade Separate Rate and is outlined in The Parade Precinct’s Annual Business Plan. For more information visit:

Media enquiries: Mayor Robert Bria on 0431 754 077

Lovers of literacy rejoice as NPSP expands its Library Home Delivery Services


Book lovers will reap the rewards of home-delivery following the relaxation of eligibility requirements for the Council’s Library Home Delivery Service.

At this week’s Council meeting, the enhancement of the Library Home Deliver Service was unanimously endorsed.

As a result of the covid-pandemic – and when physical access to the Council’s libraries was restricted - a review of the Service was undertaken, resulting in changes to eligibility criteria which had been in place since 1997.

Mayor Robert Bria said he was very pleased the Service – which plays an essential role in enriching lives and fostering Community Well-being – would now be available to many more residents in the Council area.

“The Council’s Library Home Delivery Service assists citizens by connecting them with ideas, information and accessible facilities and services,” Mayor Bria said.

“The intent of the expanded Service is to facilitate equal access to materials regardless of age, capability, or access to transport services.

“The provision of Library Home Delivery Services also assists in combatting social isolation which is often experienced by people who may be frail, or living with an illness or disability who cannot easily visit Library locations or access services,” he said.

The expanded Home Library Service will continue to be resourced by a full-time position based at the Payneham Library, with the assistance of Volunteers, who undertake the deliveries to residents across the City.

In 2019, 5,343 items were provided to Home Library customers, and in 2020, this increased to 6,340.

It is expected this number will continue to increase as more residents become aware of the expanded service.

For more information visit: Home Library Services

Media enquiries: Mayor Robert Bria on 0431 754 077

Community to reap the rewards as Burchell Reserve undergoes $2.6 million revamp


Local families and the wider community will reap the rewards of the $2.6 million redevelopment of Burchell Reserve.

Mayor Robert Bria said the Burchell Reserve Upgrade – new tennis courts, playground equipment, toilets and picnic facilities – will create the ideal place to meet friends, family or participate in leisure activities

The key features of the Burchell Reserve Upgrade include:

  • a multipurpose court featuring two community tennis courts, basketball and netball rings;
  • new toilets, shelter, barbeque and picnic facilities;
  • play area improvements and new equipment;
  • new furniture, lighting and fencing;
  • ramp access to and from Sixth Avenue and internal paths;
  • new trees and landscaping
  • onsite stormwater detention, cleaning and reuse – in order to mitigate downstream flooding.

Mayor Bria said he was extremely pleased that the Council could deliver a project that was in such high demand by the community.

“Whether you love a hit of tennis, shooting a few hoops, or relaxing with family and friends, Burchell Reserve will be the perfect place for the local community to relax and have fun,” Mayor Bria said.

“The City of the Norwood Payneham & St Peters is one of the most liveable cities in South Australia and the Council is investing millions to ensure that our community lives up to this reputation well into the future,” he said.

The Burchell Reserve upgrade is one of numerous projects being undertaken by the Council.

For example, St Peters Street is scheduled to be upgraded and the Payneham Memorial Swimming Centre will also be redeveloped, commencing in 2022.

“Major projects such as these create jobs for the local economy, as well as enhance the well-being for our community. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Media enquiries: Mayor Robert Bria on 0431 754 077

$4.5 million to improve safety and the amenity of St Peters Street


Improved safety for pedestrians and cyclists, new trees and accessibility to the River Torrens were the driving forces behind the City of Norwood, Payneham & St Peters’ decision to upgrade St Peters Street.

Mayor Robert Bria said the Council has responded to the needs of the community and $4.5 million would be invested as part of the St Peters Street Streetscape Upgrade.

The key features of the multi-million investment include:

  • improved amenity and accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists
  • improved access and amenity of the open space adjacent to Eighth Avenue and the St Peters Billabong
  • new trees and landscaping
  • improved local storm water management
  • a revitalised central median and wider footpaths
  • improved connection to the River Torrens.

Mayor Bria said he was extremely pleased that the Council could deliver the completion of this project, which commenced with the refurbishment of an upgrade from St Peters Street, from Payneham Road to Second Avenue.

“It’s so pleasing to know that that project will deliver an upgrade to existing infrastructure as well as creating beautiful and safe surroundings for pedestrians and cyclists as well as new trees and improved stormwater management for the local community,” Mayor Bria said.

The St Peters Street Streetscape Upgrade is one of numerous projects being undertaken by the Council.

For example. $2.6 million is also being million to be invested in Burchell Reserve Upgrade, located in St Peters.

“Major projects create jobs for the local economy, as well as enhance the well-being for our community – it’s a win-win for everyone.”

While the majority of the St Peters Street Upgrade will be funded by the Council, the Federal Government contributed $1.27 million as part of its Local Government and Community Infrastructure Program Extension.

“The City extends its thanks and appreciation to the Federal Government for its financial assistance so that this project could be completed.”

Media enquiries: Mayor Robert Bria on 0431 754 077

Pool, park and street upgrades headline NPSP’s $22 million capital program


A significant refurbishment of the Payneham Memorial Swimming Pool and upgrades to Burchell Reserve and St Peters Street are the centrepieces of the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters draft 2021-22 Budget.

The projects are in addition to the $11 million to be spent on renewal of infrastructure such as drains, footpaths, kerbs and resealing of local roads.

Mayor Robert Bria said the draft 2021-2022 project program was double last year’s and was evidence of the Council’s commitment to bounce back from COVID with investment in infrastructure to benefit the community and the economy through the creation of jobs.

“In preparing this year’s Budget, the Council has taken into account the community’s changing expectations for high quality services and infrastructure, balanced against a reasonable rate increase,” Mayor Bria said.

“The Council is conscious of its role in the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. As such it has committed to a number of large-scale infrastructure projects that will create jobs and improve the welling of our community.”

At its meeting on 3 May, the Council endorsed the draft 2021-22 Annual Business Plan for community consultation.

Mayor Bria said that while the proposed residential (average) rate increase of 3.71 percent is higher than in recent years, the Council is making a record investment in projects and infrastructure which need to be paid for.

“The Council is coming off a zero rate increase, so this year’s proposed increase may be considered unusually higher in comparison, but there is justification for it.

“However, the Council will receive the comments which are received from the consultation process and make adjustments to the draft Budget as required.”

Media enquiries: Mayor Robert Bria on 0431 754 077.