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Community consultation now open on the St Morris Reserve Upgrade and NPSP wants to hear from you! 


The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters is seeking your input on the draft Concept Plan for St Morris Reserve, which will guide the upgrade of the Reserve for the local community while also accommodating new flood prevention infrastructure.

Children, their families and the wider community will benefit from new play equipment and enhanced amenities at the Reserve, located at the corner of Green Street and Seventh Avenue, St Morris.

Community consultation begins today and there will be two Community Information Sessions at St Morris Reserve on Tuesday 7 February from 5.30pm – 7.30pm (free ice creams) and Saturday 11 February from 10am – 1pm (free sausage sizzle).

Mayor Robert Bria said the upgrade and enhancement of St Morris Reserve will be the third of four stages of the Council’s multi-million-dollar program to manage stormwater and flooding in the suburbs of St Morris, Trinity Gardens, Maylands and Stepney – an issue which has been raised by the Council and residents.

The new stormwater infrastructure will reduce surface flood waters during storm events by capturing stormwater and temporarily storing it in a detention basin at St Morris Reserve, as well as underground detention tanks which will be located within the road network.

Mayor Bria said the Council has a strong track record of significant investment in infrastructure in order to reduce the risks of flooding throughout the City.

“Last year, the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters was successful in receiving $9.9 million from the Federal Government which targets local projects across the nation, with a focus on improving resilience against natural disasters.

“The $9.9m will be matched by the Council, making it one of the biggest investments in our City’s history.”

As part of the stormwater upgrade works at St Morris Reserve, there is opportunity to improve the existing Reserve by providing new elements such as a playground, walking track, additional trees, lighting as well as other ideas that the community puts forward.

The consultation period ends on Sunday 26 February at 5pm.

To find out more about the Upgrade and how you can take part, visit:

Media enquiries: Robert Bria – 0431 754 077

NPSP again calls to change timing of Local Government elections


For the second time in less than five years, the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters will ask the Local Government Association (LGA) of South Australia, to lobby the State Government to shift the timing of Local Government elections, so they are not held in the same year as the State Government election.

Mayor Robert Bria, who tried unsuccessfully in 2018 to get the LGA to lobby the State Government to make the change, said he hoped his second attempt would be supported by Councils at the LGA ‘s Ordinary General Meeting to be held on 14 April 2023.

In his Motion – which was unanimously supported at this week’s Council meeting - Mayor Bria requested the LGA write to Local Government Minister Geoff Brock MP proposing the date for periodic Local Government elections be changed.

“It is time the State Government takes a serious look at the scheduling of Local Government elections and follow the Victorian model of having State and Local Government elections two years apart.

“Clearly, having three (State, Local and Federal) elections in the same year with constant campaigning, corflutes, letters, door knocking and other materials and offering no respite for voters between elections can be exhausting,” he said.

“Voters in the seat of Bragg – which encompasses part of our City - also had to vote in a fourth election last year following the resignation of Vickie Chapman.”

“South Australia faced the same situation in 2010, which should have been the trigger for a review of the timing of Local Government elections at that time, but sadly this did not occur,” he said.

Mayor Bria said that there are several reasons why the timing of periodic Local Government elections should change, including election fatigue and the pressure on the Electoral Commission of South Australia (ECSA) to manage its workload, make changes to the voter rolls and finalise representation reviews.

“ECSA has long argued that a change in the timing of periodic Local Government elections should be considered. It has repeatedly made recommendations to that effect in its Local Government Election Reports of 2010, 2014 and 2018, arguing elector fatigue and voter apathy are ongoing issues.”

Mayor Bria specifically highlighted ECSA’s 2018 report, which stated: “Change the timing of Local Government periodic elections. The date should be shifted so that the periodic elections do not occur within the same year as a State election”.

Mayor Bria said shifting the timing of the elections to two years after the State election may increase voter turnout, which only reached 34.54% across SA in the 2022 Local Government elections.

“Why ECSA’s recommendations have not been supported remains a mystery…..We can no longer afford to ignore what is an obvious problem and should just get on with fixing it.”

Media: Mayor Robert Bria - 0431 754 077

NPSP’s exciting calendar of events to kick off an action-packed 2023


The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters’ 2023 events calendar has launched into gear with an exciting range of experiences, including elite sporting events.

On Friday, January 20, our City will be abuzz with energy and colour when thousands of spectators descend on Adelaide’s premier main street, The Parade, to soak up the adrenalin and atmosphere of Stage 3 of the Tour Down Under.

Mayor Robert Bria said Stage 3 will not only be an important event for cycling lovers, but it also provides a boost to the local economy, while shining a national and international spotlight on Adelaide’s East.

The peloton will be leaving The Parade at 11.30am and heading east to climb Norton Summit, Checkers Hill and Corkscrew Road before finishing in Campbelltown.

“After a two-year break, there is guaranteed to be an electric atmosphere, and it is an excellent opportunity to showcase parts of our stunning and vibrant City to the world,” Mayor Bria said.

The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters is also hosting an array of Australia Day events on 26 January with a Citizenship Ceremony, Community BBQ and Australia Day Awards on St Peters Street.

“The Citizenship Ceremony is a highly anticipated event for new Australians who have chosen our City as their new home,” Mayor Bria said.

“It is also an opportunity to publicly acknowledge and thank local citizens who have gone above and beyond to help their local community and are presented with an Australia Day Award.”

For younger members of the community, Norwood Swimming Centre is hosting a classic Australia Day pool party with music, games and a sausage sizzle.

“In February, March and April, the Council’s celebrated Concerts in the Park series are once again returning, with music lovers relishing the opportunity to enjoy the sunset to a soundtrack of jazz, melodies and symphonies in some of our beautiful parks.

In March, St Peters Fair at Linde Reserve, will serve up a feast of fun for families and friends with live music, delicious food, and an oval full of free children’s entertainment.

The following month, Norwood Oval will host two matches as part of the AFL Gather Round with Gold Coast and Fremantle playing on Friday, 14 April and Greater Western Sydney taking on Hawthorn on Sunday 16 April.

“The Council has a solid reputation for its diverse range of activities for the community and this year we are thrilled that this also includes a variety of elite sporting events for both cycling and footy fans.”

To find out more visit

Media enquiries: Robert Bria – 0431 754 077

Excitement builds as City of NPSP welcomes two matches in the AFL’s Gather Round at Norwood Oval


The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters has welcomed the announcement that Norwood Oval will host two matches as part of the AFL Gather Round in April next year.

This morning the AFL announced that Gold Coast and Fremantle will be playing on Friday, 14 April and Greater Western Sydney will take on Hawthorn on Sunday 16 April.

Norwood Payneham & St Peters Mayor Robert Bria said Norwood Oval was the “logical choice” for these matches.

“We know these games will be hugely popular and that is why the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters has been working with AFL and State Government to deliver a great weekend of footy,” Mayor Bria said.

“The Council has put a lot of effort into this exciting initiative and worked closely with the Norwood Football Club and SANFL."

“The Council is focusing on, and investing in, the upgrade of catering facilities and will also co-fund other permanent infrastructure improvements to enhance the game day experience for spectators. These investments are part of the longer- term strategy of upgrades at Norwood Oval.”

The recent installation of a large electronic scoreboard, LED ribbon lighting around the fence and new lighting made Norwood Oval an obvious choice for the AFL.

“Norwood Oval has positioned itself to be the best stadium in the State after Adelaide Oval for football, so it makes sense that the Council invest in the facility,” he said.

“We want to help create a great match day experience for locals and interstate visitors coming to Norwood Oval.”

Norwood Football Club President Paul Di Iulio said he welcomed the decision and was grateful the Council reached out to start discussions in November.

“The Club is grateful the Council got on the front foot several weeks ago to help facilitate our bid for an AFL match at Norwood Oval,” Mr Di Iulio said.

“The canteen area was an issue the AFL wanted us to address, so we are pleased with the significant investment to refurbish the canteen which we believe will benefit patrons,” he added.

Media enquiries: Robert Bria – 0431 754 077

NPSP votes to provide submission to the Expert Panel overseeing the Planning System Implementation Review


At its first official Council meeting following the recent Local Government elections, the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters has unanimously voted to provide a submission to the State Government’s Planning System Implementation Review.

In March 2021, the State Government’s Planning Design Code and the Planning Portal was introduced for metropolitan Adelaide, resulting in limitations and frustrations for Local Government and the community.

Mayor Robert Bria said the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters welcomed the Malinauskas Government conducting a review of the Code and the opportunity to provide robust and frank feedback to the Expert Panel, led by Presiding Member John Simson.

He said the current arrangement of the Code had led to widespread frustration from the Council, residents and developers.

“Fundamentally, the planning system framework, which anticipates a single State-wide policy, limits the ability for Council to effect policy change in a way that reflects the built form of our City,” Mayor Bria said.

“While the Council understands that this formed part of the State Government’s objective, the Council is of the strong opinion that this “cookie-cutter” approach - which often leaves little room for a more nuanced application - has not worked.”

Mayor Bria said negotiating or influencing policy change to be undertaken by the State Government is very difficult for Councils and highlighted the following key areas:

  • the replacement of 72 Development Plans with one State-wide Code has resulted in a substantial loss of local policy;
  • under the former NPSP Development Plan, the Character and Historic Zone and Policy Area policies were more specific, instructive and tailored to the local area and locality;
  • the Council’s former Character Zones contained detailed policies relating to the location and form of acceptable land division and these were not transitioned to the Code;
  • the addition of the Affordable Housing Overlay is of concern to the Council as it includes additional building height; and
  • despite being more complex, the Code is not considered to deliver the same level of detail or clarity as former Development Plans.

Mayor Bria said in relation to both character and historic areas, a simplified policy framework with more specific and instructive policies would provide a greater level of clarity and consistency for both the development industry and the community.

“The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters is home to some of the most stunning heritage buildings in South Australia, and is committed to the protection and enhancement of its built heritage.”

As part of this commitment, the Council has delivered a five-year Built Heritage Strategy which can be read here: