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LED on the way for NPSP


The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters Council has approved the transition of the Council’s non-decorative pedestrian category street lighting to LED technologies.

The transition to LED lighting from the existing Mercury Vapour lights forms part of the Council’s on-going commitment to progressing the City as environmentally sustainable through the use and promotion of energy efficiency initiatives and renewable energy resources.

“Moving to more environmentally sustainable LED lighting is good for the City, the environment, good for residents and good for the Council.” Mayor Robert Bria said.

Street lighting contributes approximately 6% of the Council’s CO2 emissions, which is the main contributor of CO2 emissions outside of Waste which is the biggest contributor. Transitioning to LED lighting will result in a 3% reduction in the Council’s annual greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition, the LED lighting solution also offers a reduction of electricity consumption, delivering Council a 30% reduction in overall street lighting costs.

“This again shows the Council as forward thinking and demonstrates our commitment to environmental sustainability.” said Mayor Bria.

As part of the Councils Strategic Management Plan, City Plan 2030: Shaping Our Future, one of the Council’s objectives is to provide people friendly integrated and active transport and pedestrian network.

“The LED lighting will provide consistent lighting throughout residential streets and improve the overall public amenity 

“It makes sense from a public amenity perspective, an environmental perspective and a cost perspective.” Mayor Bria said.

For more information contact the Council’s Finance Unit via email at

Growing sustainable gardens in NPSP


The 2018 Sustainable Garden Awards will be officially launched on 1 September, recognising and celebrating the growing importance and prevalence of sustainable gardening and landscaping in our City’s urban environment.

The Awards, a biennial initiative of the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters, will not only showcase a variety of gardens which positively contribute to the environment and well-being of our community, but will also include an extensive series of informative, interactive and fun workshops for any shade of green thumb.

Mayor Robert Bria said, “The Sustainable Garden Awards seeks to foster community awareness and interest in the importance of sustainable gardens and landscapes in our City.”

The Sustainable Garden Awards is open to all residents, businesses, schools and community groups in the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters who have a sustainable story to share. Nominations will be assessed by an expert judging panel against a range of criteria including design, innovation and creativity, biodiversity and habitat, self-sufficiency and nature play.

“With 16 nominations in the 2016 Awards and a well attended workshop program, it’s evident that sustainability is a growing priority for our residents and communities.”

From 1 September anyone with an interest in sustainable gardening practices, design and innovation can also participate in an extensive range of free workshops hosted by sustainable gardening experts who will provide tips, tricks and insights into building sustainable gardens, veggie patches and homes.

This program also includes a number of tours of local and leading sustainable gardens.

“Best known as a presenter for ABC Television’s Gardening Australia, Sophie Thomson will host a guided tour of her sustainable organic garden which boasts more than 100 fruit trees and a large veggie patch – definitely not one to miss out on!”

Sophie will also host a special workshop for primary school aged children – Bugs, bats and bees - where she will lead an exploration into creatures that children might find in their backyard and the importance of them in an urban setting.

Nominations for the Sustainable Garden Awards will be open from 1 September until Friday 19 October 2018, and can be submitted online at

For further information about the Sustainable Garden Awards and the program of workshops and tours, please visit the Council’s website or contact Sustainability Officer, Mary-Anne Siebert on 08 8366 4532 or

Media enquiries: Mayor Robert Bria on 0431 754 077

Raising the Bar arrives to NPSP


In a South Australian first, the global award winning event series, Raising the Bar, is coming to the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters tonight.

On Tuesday 7 August there will be 20 talks across two sessions at 10 venues throughout the City, bringing together renowned academics and speakers with an interested and ready to learn audience.

“With over 1200 registrations, it is clear that people are interested in coming out and learning new things” said Mayor Robert Bria.

“It has certainly proved there is a place for this type of event in Adelaide, especially in winter.

“This has been a genuine partnership with local businesses - our great bars and pubs - to drive economic activity and development in our City in an exciting and innovative way.” he said.

"There has been a small cost but a big impact event that brings together people from different backgrounds with a range of interests.” Mayor Bria said.

There are a few remaining tickets for a number of great talks so be sure to get in quick and avoid missing out.

Raising the Bar was founded in New York City by students of New York University and Columbia University with the idea to turn pubs into classrooms by combining education and popular culture.

Raising the Bar events have previously been held in New York City, San Francisco, London, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Sydney.

For more information or to book your last minute tickets, please visit

Media Enquiries: Mayor Robert Bria 0431 754 077


NPSP votes to oppose State Government's Capping Bill


The Norwood Payneham and St Peters Council has voted to not support the State Government's Bill to cap council rates at a Special Meeting held on Monday 1 August.

Having previously resolved to oppose the introduction of rate capping in 2017, the Council has backed it’s position with a 10:2 vote.

"Rate capping has failed in New South Wales, it is failing in Victoria and it will fail in South Australia," Mayor Bria said.

“I can understand why ratepayers are attracted to the policy of rate capping (a policy which caps the increase in revenue which Local Government collects from rates), but any short term gain for the community would quickly be replaced with long term pain as evidenced in NSW and Victoria." said Mayor Bria.

"The Council is being responsible in taking a long-term view of the negative impacts on the community because it doesn't want the community to suffer a decline in service delivery and determination of infrastructure.

"In survey after survey, a high percentage of residents have told the council that they are happy with the balance between rates the quality of services and infrastructure which is provided by the Council," Mayor Bria said

"There is more than enough evidence from independent reports to show the devastating financial impact on councils, and the community, in New South Wales after 40 years of rate capping.

"In council after council, rate capping has resulted in infrastructure backlogs which will require millions of dollars to rectify.

"It would be naive to think South Australia will have a different experience." he said.

Mayor Bria said the Council's average residential rate increase over this current 4 year term is 1.7 percent compared to State Government levies such as the Natural Resources Management Levy at 8.1 percent and Solid Waste Levy at 15 percent.

"If State Government reduces the outrageous increases in these levies that are passed onto councils, and in turn the community, then South Australians will see some real relief in cost-of-living pressures.

Media enquiries: Mayor Robert Bria on 0431 754 077

2019 Santos Tour Down Under Returns to Norwood


The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters is excited to be hosting the start of Stage 2 of the 2019 Santos Tour Down Under.

Mike Turtur, Race Director, Santos Tour Down Under announced that the 2019 race will return to Norwood for the start of Stage 2, the thirteenth time a stage start has been held at Norwood

“The Council is delighted to have again been selected to host a start of the Santos Tour Down Under,” City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters Mayor, Robert Bria, said.

“The City has a long history of cycling and it is fitting that Norwood would once again play a key role in Australia’s premier cycling event.” he said.

 “The race is very comfortable in Norwood, having a strong history with the race and we know the crowds will come out in force to cheer the peloton on its way,” said Mike Turtur.

Stage 2 will be held on Wednesday 16 January 2019, departing Norwood as a sprinters stage with the riders returning to Checker Hill for the Subaru King of the Mountain before finishing in Angaston.

For more information, please visit: Santos Tour Down Under  or contact the Council’s Events Unit on 08 8366 4527.

Media enquiries: Mayor Robert Bria on 0431 754 077.