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Environmental Sustainability

The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters has an on-going commitment to achieving environmental sustainability across all of its operations.

koala in tree

Sustainable practices and initiatives are central to maintaining the quality of life for our community without compromising the natural environment, our open spaces and biodiversity for future generations.

We’re committed to sustainable initiatives and practices; educating, supporting and encouraging our community to make informed decisions which positively impact our environment; and reporting on our environmental sustainability performance as a key outcome of the Council’s strategic management plan, CityPlan 2030

Looking forward

Our aspiration to be a leader in environmental sustainability will see the Council ensuring:

  • less resources – including natural and power resources – are used, proactively monitoring our waste production and recycling, and adapting our programs to continue to reduce our waste
  • the impacts of climate change underpin everything we do
  • best practice procedures are in place for managing stormwater–including capturing and re-using it in the community
  • infrastructure for alternative transport methods is provided which results in less cars on the road and improved air quality
  • our natural environment is protected, particularly the four creeks, the River Torrens, and the St Peters Billabong
  • local streets are attractive, shaded and leafy, encouraging more people to walk and cycle as modes of transport
  • the City’s trees are protected, with more trees planted over time and increased species diversity contributing to an attractive and cooler urban environment
  • open spaces are protected and enhanced, creating a highly valued and diverse open space network
  • our natural habitats are healthy and widespread, creating areas for native plants and animals to thrive.