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Property Information Searches - Section 7 & 187 Certificates

Section 7 & 187 Certificate searches provide information on a particular property such as rates information and relevant development authorisations.

Urban Planner Customer Service Staff

Section 7 & 187 searches can only be ordered by or on behalf of a person who has an interest in land within the area:

  • the owner of a registered estate or interest in the land
  • an occupier of the land
  • a person who has entered or declares to the Council that he or she proposes to enter into a contract to purchase the land
  • a mortgagee or prospective mortgagee of the land.

Information provided in searches

Section 7 searches (full search)

The term ‘Section 7 Search’ relates to Section 7 of the Land and Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Act 1994, which sets out a statutory obligation for certain property information to be served by a vendor on the purchaser of land at least 10 days before the date of settlement. 

Upon application (typically by a Property Conveyancer), the Council will collate and provide a Section 7 search, containing information on various things such as:

  • rates certificate which outlines rates levied for the current financial year and any outstanding rates owed
  • details of development approvals whereby conditions of approval are ongoing
  • Plan SA Section 7 Report
  • particulars of any applicable building indemnity insurance certificates
  • other prescribed information.

Section 187 searches (rates only search)

A Section 187 search (rates) provides information on any liabilities for rates or charges attached to a land area in accordance with the Local Government Act 1999

This search consists of a rates certificate which outlines rates levied for the current financial year and any outstanding rates owed.

Request a property search

Please note: Section 7 search requests must include a copy of the relevant Certificate of Title(s). Electronic copies of certificates of title are available from Land Service SA through their SAILIS website. 

Property search request form

Alternatively, email your search request to: If using this method please ensure you include all relevant information and attach the Certificate of Title. Please refer to the Property Search Request form for information requirements.


Fees for Section 7 and 187 searches are set by the state government. As per Government Gazettes, the fees are set at:

2023 – 2024 financial year fees:

Section 187 Search


Section 7 and 187 Searches


Payment methods

The preferred payment method is via credit card over the phone.

The Council’s Customer Service Team will contact you to arrange payment.

Alternate payment methods accepted include cheque, money order or cash.

Important: Please do not forward card payment details via email, we will contact you for payment.

Processing times

Section 187 Rates Certificates will generally be completed within 48 hours.

Section 7 & 187 Certificates will generally be completed within eight business days.

The Council is currently unable to offer urgent searches.

 Links to relevant websites:


For further information contact: Norwood Town Hall Citizen Services