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Rating Policy

The Rating Policy establishes the Council's approach to the setting and collecting of rates from the community.

4. Fallow, St Peters Street, St PetersRates are the main source of funding for activities undertaken by the Council.

Rates collected pay for services such as waste collection, maintenance of infrastructure, public health and safety, as well as major capital projects and the provision of community programs, services and facilities.

Rate levels are determined after consideration of expenditure priorities in relation to the Strategic Plan, ongoing service delivery requirements and community needs.

The Rating Policy is developed in accordance with the requirements of Section 123 of the Local Government Act 1999. The Policy is adopted as part of the Annual Business Plan each financial year and in conjunction with the declaration of the annual rates.

A summary of the policy is forwarded to each ratepayer along with the rate notice.

Download: Rating Policy

Download: Rate Rebate Policy