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How to Pay Your Rates

Your rates help us deliver a wide range of services to benefit you and the wider community.

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Council rate notices are issued each year in July.

Council rates can be paid annually or in quarterly instalments on the first business day of September, December, March and June each year.

If you are paying by instalments, the Council will send out separate instalment notices approximately 30 days prior to each payment due date.

Payments can be made more frequently if preferred, but please ensure that each quarterly instalment amount is paid by the due date indicated on your rate notice to avoid any late payment fees.

Pay rates online

For other payment methods, visit: Make a Payment

Instalment due dates

The 2023-2024 rate instalment dates are:

Quarter:  Due date:
Quarter 1

8 September 2023
Quarter 2

8 December 2023
Quarter 3

8 March 2023

Quarter 4

7 June 2024

Late payments

The Council must receive your rate payment on or before the due dates shown above and on your rate notice, otherwise under the Local Government Act 1999, a 2 per cent fine must be charged for late payment.

Further fines must then be added each month until full payment is received and legal action may be taken without further notice.

The Council has an extensive procedure in place to recover outstanding debts, including issuing numerous notices and offering at each stage of the recovery process the opportunity to arrange to pay outstanding debts over time. It should be noted that legal action is only taken after these procedures have been exhausted.

In situations where genuine financial hardship is being experienced, the Council may postpone payment of rates, if payment of the rates would cause undue hardship and on the condition that the ratepayer pay interest on the amount affected by the postponement.

The postponement ceases to operate when the ratepayer ceases to own or occupy the land to which the rates apply, or if the financial situation of the ratepayer improves.

 More information

For further assistance, contact our Council's Citizen Services Team