Apply for a Permit

The Council is responsible for issuing a range of permits to help ensure activities are carried out in a safe and proper way.

Mobile Food Vendor WomanUnder the Local Government Act 1999 there are a number of activities which require a Council permit.

Application processing times may vary depending on the permit application. For more information, refer to the relevant permit application form.





Permit description

Alter a road (Public Space Occupancy) For works to be carried out on public land - issued under section 221 of the Local Government Act, 1999.
Bin - second bin service

If your require an additional General Waste Bin (red lid),  Recycling Bin (yellow lid) or Green Organics Bin (green lid) to assist you manage your waste and recycling, download and complete the Second Bin Collection Service Request Form and forward it with your payment to the Council

Download: Second Bin Collection Service Request Form

Please note: You are unable to apply for this permit if you already have two bins of the same type.


For bin repairs and replacement information, visit: Bin Collection page.

Busking Permit for busking or providing public entertainment.
Dog registration All dogs must be registered every year and wear a council-issued registration tag when in public. For more information, visit Dog registration page.
Driveway crossover & footpath Permit for property owners/developers who would like to construct a new or modify an existing access driveway/crossover. Download: Information Sheet
Filming To find out how to apply, visit: Film Friendly City page.
Fundraising Permit for fundraising, public displays and distributing leaflets.
Mobile Food Vendors (MFVs) Find out how to apply, visit: Mobile Food Vendors page.
Outdoor dining To find out how to apply, visit: Outdoor dining page.
Parking Permits are only available to residents living in the Council area. To find out how to apply, visit: Parking permits page.
Private use of local government land To find out how to apply, contact the Council's Property Officer on 08 8366 4507.
Park and reserve hire To find out how to apply, visit: Park and reserve hire page.
Skip bin Permit for a skip bin to be placed on any local road or street.
Stormwater connection, electrical connection, verge planting Permit for works which include one or more of the following: stormwater connection, verge planting, underground electrical connection.