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Outdoor Dining

If you want your customers to dine outside on land owned by the Council you will need an outdoor dining permit.

Two Women Outdoor Dining

Our Mediterranean climate combined with our rich cultural diversity, coupled with easy access to high quality local produce and wine, is leading to increased demand for outdoor dining across Adelaide.

Outdoor dining adds to the area by creating vibrant and dynamic street frontages. Outdoor dining also provides a link between businesses and pedestrians, encouraging active street life beyond normal trading hours and adding to the overall safety of the area.

The Council has established a set of guidelines and conditions for outdoor dining which are set out in the Outdoor Dining Policy.

Download Outdoor Dining Policy

How to apply for a permit

An outdoor dining permit is required for any outdoor dining or seating area located on land owned by the Council (usually footpaths) where food and beverages are provided to seated patrons.

The Outdoor Dining Permit Application form contains a list of the information you will need to lodge with your application.

I want to establish a new outdoor dining area on Council land

To establish a new outdoor dining area on public land, you will first need to ensure that the business premises are lawfully approved, and then lodge an Outdoor Dining Application form.

To confirm this, please contact Council's Planning Department by calling 8366 4530 or email 

Download: Outdoor Dining Application Form

I am a new business owner and there is a pre-existing approved outdoor dining area

You will need to lodge an Outdoor Dining Application form in the new business name.

Download: Outdoor Dining Application form

I am an existing business owner and wish to alter an existing approved outdoor dining area

You will need to lodge an Outdoor Dining Permit Application form showing the alterations. In this instance, subject to the alterations being approved, your permit agreement will be altered and the permit fees may be adjusted accordingly.

Download: Outdoor Dining Permit form

I want to renew my permit

Outdoor dining permits are renewed annually. The Council will send out an invoice requesting the annual fee, along with an outdoor dining permit application form, which must be completed by the permit holder.

The Council will issue the permit holder with a permit ‘sticker’ which must be displayed on the window of the premises at all times. If a business has changed hands or ceases to operate during the year, then a partial refund of the fee may be paid by the Council.

Please note: An outdoor dining permit cannot be transferred to a new business owner.

Fees, public liability insurance and liquor licensing


There will be an annual fee for your outdoor dining permit. Fees will be based on the number of seats, the location and levels of enclosure and whether or not the area is licensed. Fees will be adjusted annually according to CPI.

In addition to the annual permit fee, an application fee will apply for any new permit application. All fees and charges are contained within the Fees & Charges Schedule below.

Download: Fees & Charges Schedule

Public liability insurance

You will need to provide the Council with a copy of your current public liability insurance cover (up to $20 million). This is also required each time you renew your outdoor dining permit.

Liquor licensing

If the existing business is licensed to serve alcohol, then you will need to apply to the Office of the Liquor and Gambling Commission for an alteration to your existing licensed area to include the outdoor dining area.

If the existing business does not have a licence to serve alcohol, then you will need to apply to the Office of the Liquor and Gambling Commission in order to establish a licensed area in association with your business.

In either case, the Council will have the opportunity to object, support or seek the imposition of conditions through the Liquor Licensing process.

More information:

Visit: Consumer and Business Services


Council’s Urban Planning & Environment Department
T: 08 8366 4530