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Change in Land Use

A change in the use of land requires development approval.

Young woman making coffee in a cafeAny application lodged seeking approval for a change in land use will need to satisfy the zoning and relevant assessment criteria that are detailed in the Norwood Payneham & St Peters Development Plan.

Before commencing a new land use, including the occupation of vacant land, please discuss your proposal with the City of Norwood Payneham and St Peters Urban Planning & Environment Department by telephoning 8366 4531.

Download fact sheet: Change in land use


When do I need development approval?

A development application for a change of land use is usually required if:

  • the proposal will replace a different land use on the subject land
  • the proposed use is additional to an existing use of the subject land and is not reasonably incidental to that use
  • the proposed use will follow a period of more than two years of non-use of the subject land (i.e. the land has been vacant for more than two years).


Examples of changes in land use

Examples of changes of land use which require development approval include:

  • take-away shop to a restaurant
  • warehouse to an industry
  • office to consulting rooms.

In general, changing from one type of shop to another, such as from a hairdresser to a green grocer, does not require development approval; however it is recommended that advice be sought from the Council to be sure.


Information requirements

The Council’s planning staff requires certain information in order to properly assess your application to change the use of your property against the planning controls contained in the Development plan.

To ensure that your application can be processed quickly and efficiently, it is important that all the relevant information is included, the following fact sheet will help you do this.




Council’s Urban Planning & Environment Department:

T: 8366 4530