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Online Development Application Register

This page contains information about the Council's Development Application Register, including the online tracking service.

The Development Application Register can be accessed online or is available in hard copy, at the Norwood Town Hall, during Council office hours.

The Register includes a list of applications for consent, approval, or the assignment of building classifications under the Development Act (SA) 1993.

Online development application register

The Register includes:

  • name and address of applicant(s)
  • date of the application
  • date on which the application was received by the relevant authority (i.e. the Council)
  • description of the land which is the subject of the application
  • brief summary of the matters, acts or things in respect to which the consent or approval is sought
  • any decisions made on the application by the Council, the State Commission Assessment Panel (SCAP) or Governor
  • any decision on the application (including the date of the decision and any conditions that are imposed)
  • any decision on the application that is the subject of an appeal or the result of an appeal.

Copies of any part of the Register or documents kept for the purpose of the Register can be made available to any member of the public upon request. A standard photocopy fee applies.

Development application tracking

By visiting the Online Development Application Register and typing in your Development Application Number, you can:

  • track the progress and status of your development application
  • view the name and contact details of the Assessing Officer.

Recently determined development applications

Other information available on the online Register includes recently determined development applications


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