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Lodge a Development Application

To receive development approval, you must lodge a development application with the council.

Types of consents

A development approval will consist of one or more of the following consents, depending on the nature of the proposed development:

The type of consent needed depends on the type of development. It is important that you understand what consents your development requires. If you are unsure, it is recommended that you speak with the Council or a recognised building practitioner, to ensure that you are fully aware of any development approval requirements.

Please note: If you need to change your approved plans after you have received planning consent, building rules consent or full approval, in most cases, the Council or the private certifier will need to issue new consents for the variation.

It is important that you do not change your plans without first talking to the Council. If you do not undertake the correct process for varying your consents or approval, you may face prosecution or be fined.

Information requirements

A range of information is needed to assess development applications, with some applications needing more information than others.

All the required information should be submitted when the application is lodged, otherwise assessment of the application will be delayed.

Document Explanation
Development Application form You will need to complete a development application form in order to obtain development approval.
Certificate of Title A certificate enables the Council to check for easements and encumbrances on the land. Alternatively, the Council can order a copy of the title direct from Land Services SA and will pass on the relevant search fee to the Applicant.
Powerlines Clearance Declaration form Development applications for the building of any structure, including signage and swimming pools but not including a fence less than 2.1m in height) must include a completed powerlines clearance declaration form; otherwise the application will be referred to the Office of the Technical Regulator, which could result in significant delays. For more information, visit:
Demolition Proposal form Development applications for demolition only must include a demolition proposal form
Regulated Tree Removal Proposal form Development applications for the removal of a regulated tree(s) (including significant trees) must also include a completed tree removal proposal form.

Other information may be required depending on the nature of the application. For a comprehensive list of the information required to accompany your application, download these fact sheets.

Download fact sheets

Download: What information do I need to lodge a development application?

Download: Applications lodged by builders


The cost of a development application varies depending on the type of development and the use of professional advice.

In addition to development assessment fees charged by the relevant authority, development assessment costs may include the following:

  • Planning consultant fees
  • Building consultant fees
  • Surveyor fees
  • Draftsperson fees.

For a complete list of development assessment fees, download the fact sheet below or refer to the development application form.

Download fact sheet

Download: Costs associated with development assessment

How to lodge a development application

You can submit your development application in person at our main customer service centre at Norwood Town Hall or by post:

In person By post
Main Customer Service Centre
Norwood Town Hall
175 The Parade, Norwood

City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters
GPO Box 204
Kent Town 5071

Application assessment times

Application assessment times vary depending on the form of development being undertaken. Some applications are more complex and require referrals and/or public notification which can take additional time.

The quality and accuracy of the information you include with your application can also affect the time taken to assess your application.

Statutory timeframes

Planning assessment (planning consent)

Merit applications

Complying applications:


8 weeks

2 weeks

Building assessment (building rules consent) 4 weeks
Land division: 12 weeks

The above timeframes are the statutory requirements as prescribed within the Development Act 1993. In most instances, the Council will endeavour to assess your application within these timeframes. A Council officer will be able to provide you with a more accurate timeframe at the time of lodgement.

Download fact sheet

Download: How long will my application take to process?

How applications are assessed

When you lodge a development application, the Council must first determine the correct processing path through consideration of the following questions:

  • does the application need both planning consent and building rules consent?
  • is the application complying or non-complying?
  • does the application require public/neighbour notification?
  • does the application need to be referred to any statutory bodies?

The processing path determined for your application may affect the level of information you are required to submit to the Council. It may also affect the length of time it takes to assess your application and the fees for processing your application.

Download fact sheet

Download: How are development applications assessed?


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