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Lodge a Development Application

To receive development approval you must lodge a development application.

You can lodge your development application online using the PlanSA: ePlanning Portal:

PlanSA: Lodge Online

Development Applications can also be submitted via the Council, however an additional administration fee of $80 will apply. You can submit your application via the Council in person at the Town Hall Citizen Services Centre, by post or email

Types of consents

A development approval will consist of one or more of the following consents, depending on the nature of the proposed development:

  • Planning consent
  • Building consent
  • Land division consent

The type of consent needed depends on the type of development. It is important that you understand what consents your development requires. If you are unsure, it is recommended that you speak with the Council’s Development Assessment unit or Accredited Professional, to ensure that you are fully aware of any development approval requirements.

Please note: If you need to change your approved plans after you have received planning consent, building rules consent or full approval, in most cases, the relevant authority that issued the original consent will need to issue new consents for the variation.

It is important that you do not change your plans without first talking to the Council. If you do not undertake the correct process for varying your consents or approval, you may face prosecution or be fined.

Please note: South Australia’s new planning system and ePlanning Portal came into effect on 19 March 2021.

This page has been updated to reflect the new planning system and online process.


Council’s Urban Planning & Environment Department
T: 08 8366 4530