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Swimming and Spa Pools

Development approvalSwimming pool feet

Development approval is required for:

  • new swimming pool
  • spa pool
  • new swimming pool safety barriers
  • any alternations to existing swimming pool safety barriers.

Building rules assessment

During a building rules assessment, the relevant authority will generally check the following elements:

  • the details and location of safety barriers to ensure they comply with Australian Standard AS 1926.1.
  • the details of the water recirculation system to ensure it complies with Australian Standard AS 1926.3.
  • the structural design of the swimming pool or spa pool
  • location of cardiopulmonary resuscitation signage location.

Swimming pool safety barriers and cardiopulmonary resuscitation signage must be installed, inspected by Council and be compliant before a swimming pool is filled with water.

For information on pool and spa safety, visit: SA.GOV.AU: Pool and Spa Safety

To lodge a development application, visit: PlanSA Portal

Swimming and spa pools - inspections             

New pools

All new swimming and spa pools must be inspected by the council within 10 business days of the swimming pool construction being completed.  

All permanent swimming pool safety barriers must be installed within 2 months of the swimming pool or spa pool being constructed.

To avoid a $750 expiation, notification must be provided to Council upon completion of the construction of the swimming pool or spa pool, and before filing of the swimming pool or spa pool with water.

New swimming and spa pools must have prominent and visible signage that assists persons to provide first aid and to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation on young children.