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Number of Dogs on a Property

The number of dogs you can keep depends on the size of your property. 

The Council’s By-Law No 5 - Dogs limits the number of dogs able to be kept on a property.

Number of dogs allowed on a single property without a permit

Property type Number of dogs
Small property such as a flat, unit or similar that contains a secured unobstructed yard area. One dog
Residential house on a property with a secure yard. Two dogs

Application to keep an extra dog(s) on a property

If you wish to keep more than the maximum number of dog(s) on your property, you must be approved of an exemption in advance. 

To apply for an exemption, download and complete:

Application for Exemption to By-Law 5 - Dogs

Permit conditions:

  • the permit will only apply to dogs approved by the Council as listed in the Permit application
  • if the dog is three months old and over it will need to be registered as soon as it occupies your property
  • if the dog was born after 2018, it must also be desexed and microchipped (Dog and Cat Management Act 1995).

Complaints against dogs covered by the Permit will be investigated and the Permit may be revoked, or the Council may require you to remove the dog.

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