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Lost & Found Dogs

We understand the special bond people share with their pets and try our best to reunite lost dogs and their owners.

Dog on The Parade

When the Council finds a lost dog and is unable to locate or contact the owner, the dog is taken to the Animal Welfare League, who provide pound facilities for lost dogs.

If you have lost your dog(s)

Step 1

  • view the impounded dog listing below to check if your dog has been found by the Council
  • if your dog is listed below, in the first instance please contact Animal Welfare League who look after found dogs for a minimum of 72 hours.

Step 2

  • if your dog is not listed in the lost dog listing below, please contact the Council on 08 8366 4555 to make a lost dog report. You can also contact the Animal Welfare League, RSPCA, local vets or post your dog on social media. Refer to our helpful links below for more information.

If you have found a dog(s)

If you find a dog, please notify the Council immediately on 08 8366 4555.

Council staff will make all reasonable attempts to locate and contact the owner so that the dog(s) can be returned as soon as possible.

If the owner cannot be contacted, the dog(s) will be held safely at the Animal Welfare League.

Impounded dog listing

If this section is empty, the Council does not have any dogs impounded.

Key contacts


Customer Service Centre

T: 08 8366 4555

Animal Welfare League (AWL)

Pet Reclaims

T: 08 8348 1300

Visit: Animal Welfare League

Helpful links