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The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters encourages the responsible keeping of poultry.

Chickens BrownThere are many good reasons for keeping a small number of poultry in the back yard.

The keeping of poultry can assist households to live more sustainably by recycling kitchen scraps into fertilisers and having the added bonus of producing delicious fresh eggs.


Do I need approval from the Council?


The keeping of a small number of chickens solely for domestic needs, or the enjoyment of the occupants of a dwelling, does not require approval from the Council.



It is strongly advised that roosters are not kept in heavily populated areas to prevent potential noise and nuisance problems that may arise.


Helpful information

The Eastern Health Authority (EHA) has produced an information sheet which provides suggestions that can be implemented to ensure that your poultry are kept in a healthy and sanitary environment. To download the information sheet and for more information, visit: Eastern Health Authority - Poultry Keeping