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Within South Australia, all species of bats are protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972.

Do you have bats in your backyard?Bat

Bats play a critical ecological role through their ability to act as an environmentally-friendly insect control, with some species eating around half their body weight on an ideal summer’s night.

It is true that some bats can carry disease, but as with all animals in the wild, it’s best to follow the rule of thumb of ‘look but don't touch’.

What to do:

If you get bitten by a bat

Wash and disinfect the area well, and contact your doctor.

If you find a bat in distress

Call Fauna Rescue SA’s bat helpline on (08) 8486 1139 or their 24-hour Helpline on 8289 0896

If you need help with rescue, advice or education

Call the volunteer based company Adelaide Bat Care on 0422 182 443