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Rats and Mice - Prevention & Control

Feral rats and mice are widespread throughout the metropolitan area and in our community.

Rat near furnitureAbout rats and mice

Feral rats and mice are very adaptable public health pests. They are not fussy eaters and can make themselves at home in houses, sheds, garages and gardens. As well as causing unpleasant odours and damage to property and possessions, feral rodents can also pose a risk to human health.

Common feral rodents include:

  • the Black Rat (Rattus rattus)
  • the Brown Rat (Rattus norvegicus) 
  • the House Mouse (Mus musculus).

Feral rodents should not be confused with Native Australian Rodents (for example Hopping Mice) which should be left alone as they are protected species. 

What EHA can do

The Environmental Health Authority (EHA) can help with general rodent control and advice by:

  • providing information and recommendations to assist with reducing rodent numbers on your property
  • investigating situations where properties are attracting rodents. If a complaint is justified appropriate action is taken.

If you can’t adequately control rats and mice on your property, it is recommended you contact a professional pest contractor.

For more information, visit the EHA website - Pests and Vermin, telephone 08 8132 3600 or email

Please be advised the distribution of rodenticide will no longer be provided by EHA. Rat bait can be purchased from your local hardware store or accessed through a professional pest controller.

More information

For more information on identifying and controlling the breeding of vermin on your property, visit: SA Health - Rats and Mice