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If you have a possum causing a problem you have a legal responsibility to deal with it in a humane manner

In South Australia, all possums are protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Act, 1972.

Possum management options

With habitats reducing in size due to urbanisation, native animals are often forced to live in close proximity to humans. While this presents a great opportunity to observe wildlife going about their business in our own backyards, living with wildlife presents its share of problems too.

There are several options available for managing your possum problem that are in keeping with their protected status.

Possum management options include:

  • providing an alternative home for the possum
  • preventing access into the roof space by blocking off access points
  • installing a one-way door flap at the possum's access point to the roof space
  • placing a possum trap in the roof space to capture and remove the possum - permit required.

For complete information, visit the Possums webpage on the Department for Environment and Water website.


To trap and release possums you will need to obtain a permit from the Department for Environment and Water in the first instance, then contact the Council's Citizen Services on 08 8366 4555 for information on hiring a possum cage. Hiring of the cage will incur a $50 cash deposit refundable on return of the cage.

To find out how to apply for a permit and what you need to know about trapping possums, Visit: Department for Environment and Water - Managing Possums

Please note: Taking the time to plan and prepare your possum management will increase the likelihood of success and avoid wasting time and money.

All possum management must consider the welfare of the possums, follow permit conditions and relevant codes of practice or guidelines.