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Dog Registration

Dog registration provides safety and security for dogs, owners and the community.

Dog registrations must be renewed by 31 August each year

Please wait to receive a renewal notice from the Council before registering your dog.

To register your dog, visit:

Dogs & Cats Online

If you need help registering you dog online, contact the Council’s Citizen Services

Renewing your dog registration using the DACO online system

For dog owners who live in the Norwood Payneham & St Peters Council area, your dog registration renewal notices will be sent out late July and will be due at the end of August.

It is important dog owners wait for their renewal notice before going online in order to avoid duplications in the system.

A step by step flyer will accompany the renewal notice to assist owners through the transition process to the new registration database. Electronic instructions will also be available to users on the DACO website.

Visit: Dogs and Cats Online

Dog registration fees and rebates

Standard dog = a dog that is both desexed and microchipped

Non-standard dog = all other dogs, even if they are exempt from rules around desexing or microchipping, such as dogs belonging to registered breeders, working livestock dogs, etc.




Required documentation/information

Not desexed, microchipped (NS) $75.00 $37.50  N/A
Desexed & microchipped (S) $37.50 $18.75
  • Certificate of desexing
  • Certificate from a microchipping agency.
Late Payment Fee $15.00 $15.00 N/A
Assistance Dog (Guide dog).  No fee  No fee

Proof in the form of relevant documentation required.


State and Commonwealth concession cards and income types accepted for rebate on dog registration include:

Cards and income types
Health care card State concession card Income tested low income earners
Pension concession card Repatriation Gold Health Card