CityPlan 2030

CityPlan 2030: Shaping Our Future is the long-term strategic management plan for the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters.

Image of City Plan 2030 - 2013 document front coverDownload: CityPlan 2030: Shaping Our Future

CityPlan 2030 sets out the strategic direction of our City over the next 20 years and beyond.

CityPlan 2030 was prepared in 2007-2008, following an extensive community visioning exercise. Close to 10,000 comments were received from the community about what we should keep, change and create for our City by the year 2030.

The Vision, Outcomes and Objectives were developed based on the community’s aspirations and priorities and the final Plan was endorsed by the Council in July 2008.

CityPlan 2030 is based on the concept that, as a community, we can shape, model and influence our future by the actions we take today. It does not address all of the programs, services and work areas which the Council provides. Rather, it is focused on the priorities which have been identified by the Council and the community and translated into four Key Outcomes:

1.    Social Equity

2.    Cultural Vitality

3.    Economic Prosperity

4.    Environmental Sustainability


QBL Framework & Sustainability

The foundations of CityPlan 2030 are based on the City’s unique Quadruple Bottom Line (QBL) approach to sustainability and community wellbeing.

Community well-being diagram

The four Key Outcomes reflect the four ‘pillars’ of social, cultural, economic and environmental sustainability, which helps to build in sustainability principles across the organisation and facilitates the alignment of all Council operations with the priorities contained within CityPlan 2030.

The Objectives and Strategies contained within CityPlan 2030 sets out the priorities for what needs to happen to achieve the Outcomes. The Strategies outline in broad terms, how this will be implemented. Indicators and Targets have been identified to ensure that progress towards achieving each of the Outcomes can be measured.


Review framework

A review of CityPlan 2030 is conducted on a regular basis to ensure that the priorities continue to reflect the community's aspirations. The next review of CityPlan 2030 is scheduled for 2016-2017.

City Plan 2030 - 2013 Review Framework diagram