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Disposal of Land and Assets Policy

A policy for the Disposal of Land and Assets.

Do I Need Approval

If you undertake "development" you will need to obtain Development Approval.

Dog Off-Leash Areas Map

We have 11 Dog Off-Leash Areas for you and your dog to enjoy.
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Dog Registration Form

To register your dog with the Council, download and complete the Application for Dog Registration Form.

You will be required to provide documentation to prove your identity and age (such as a driver’s license, passport or proof of age card) as part of this application.

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Driveway Crossover & Footpath Permit

Permit for property owners/developers who would like to construct a new or modify an existing access driveway/crossover.

Elected Member Training & Development Policy

Policy Manual - Governance

Emergency/Disaster Donations Policy

Policy Manual - Governance

Fees and Charges (all fees and charges)

Fees and charges are determined annually through the budget preparation process.


A Fact Sheet about fencing.

Food Secrets of Glynde

Food Secrets of Glynde shines a spotlight on the many food and beverage manufacturers in Glynde.

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Footway Construction - At Request of Residents Policy

Policy Manual - Service

Footway Construction - Notification of Work Policy

Policy Manual - Service

Footway Paving Policy

Policy Manual - Service

Footway Widths Policy

Policy Manual - Service

Front Verandah Restoration and Replacement (Heritage)

Front verandahs on Victorian and Edwardian houses are important elements of those buildings.