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Former NPSP councillor Mike Stock wins bi-election


Former Mayor and councillor Mike Stock has won the bi-election to fill the vacancy in the Maylands/Trinity ward, following the resignation of former Councillor Sophia MacRae.

Mr Stock claimed 532 votes, defeating Jeremy Miller (495 votes), former MP Vini Ciccarello (353 votes) and Nik Villios (126 votes).

Mayor Robert Bria congratulated Mr Stock on his victory and said he looked forward to working with him on the Council.

“As a former Mayor and councillor, Mike brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Council and I am confident he will be a strong advocate for the residents of the Maylands/Trinity Ward.”

Mr Stock previously served as Mayor of the former City of Enfield and later the City of Port Adelaide Enfield, before being elected to the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters in 2003, representing the Kensington Ward.

Mr Stock will be sworn in to office at the Norwood Town Hall on Monday 14 August 2017.

Media enquiries: Mayor Robert Bria on 0431 754 077

Historical Swing Bridge redevelopment underway


The highly anticipated redevelopment works on the Gilberton Swing Bridge are set to get underway in August 2017, with the project scheduled to be completed by January 2018.

The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters together with project partner the Town of Walkerville, have appointed South Australian civil construction contractors, Civil Tech, to undertake the construction of the Gilberton Swing Bridge.

Mayor Robert Bria acknowledged the Swing Bridge’s historical significance having been used by pedestrians for almost 100 years.

“The Gilberton Swing Bridge is greatly valued by the local community and we are therefore thrilled to announce that the construction works are commencing this month.”
The initial project timeframes had been delayed due to the need to develop a design that respected the historical significance and heritage status of the Bridge, while meeting modern standards of safety and design.

“The Swing Bridge is a treasured asset and we, along with the Town of Walkerville, look forward to reopening it for our communities.”

The Swing Bridge is located within the River Torrens Linear Park, connecting the suburbs of St Peters and Gilberton.

Mayor Raymond Grigg added, “Determining a solution that met standards but respected the heritage of the much-loved Bridge proved a challenge but we are pleased to finally be moving ahead with the construction phase of the project”.

The Gilberton Swing Bridge is jointly owned by the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters and the Town of Walkerville. The project is managed by the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters on behalf of both councils.

For more information about the Gilberton Swing Bridge Redevelopment, please contact the Council’s Acting Project Manager – Civil, Matthew Hill, on 08 8366 4559 or email

Media enquiries: Mayor Robert Bria on 0431 754 077

NPSP partners with Burnside to support business on Magill Road


The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters is excited to partner with the City of Burnside to support and promote businesses on Magill Road, a key business precinct.

Following the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters rebranding of the Magill Road precinct, Mayor David Parkin and the City of Burnside accepted an invitation to join together and promote businesses on Magill Road as one united precinct.

“This partnership is a great outcome and demonstrates how councils can work together towards a common goal and for the benefit of the broader community,” said Mayor Robert Bria.

“I’m thrilled that the City of Burnside have embraced this opportunity and I have no doubt that benefits of their investment in this partnership will be felt by the respective businesses in their city.

“Given where the council boundaries are, it makes perfect sense for the two councils to partner on this initiative.”

“Joining together to promote the precinct will see up to 60 additional businesses benefit from the Council’s precinct approach to economic development and support for businesses,” added Mayor Robert Bria.

Mayor David Parkin is equally as enthusiastic about this new partnership.

“Burnside Council recognises the positive impacts which a consistent logo and banding approach will have on the Magill Road Precinct.”

“l look forward to working with the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters on this important initiative.”

As part of the partnership arrangement, the City of Burnside will invest in street banners, window stickers, shopping bags and a portion of the Magill Road website maintenance.

Media enquiries: Mayor Robert Bria on 0431 754 077

Shaping our future: have your say


Following a review of its strategic management plan, the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters is now seeking comments on the proposed changes to CityPlan 2030: Shaping Our Future.

The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters Mayor, Robert Bria, said that the 2017 update has taken into account the views, aspirations and ideas of more than 160 people who participated in the first stage of community consultation.

"The update re-affirms the City’s long held vision and aspirations for the future; such as an improved vibrant arts and culture scene, with more activation in public spaces aimed at increasing community participation and creating a stronger sense of place and inclusion.”

The City of Norwood, Payneham & Peters’ response to climate change has also been given a higher priority in the 2017 updated CityPlan 2030.

“Measures to improve water security, use of renewable energy sources and the preservation of our natural environment have been raised by our community and incorporated across our various services and programs.”

“Closely aligned to this is the reflection of the community’s strong desire for better infrastructure and amenities which encourage sustainable transport options such as walking and cycling.”
The draft CityPlan 2030 – Update 2017, will be released for community consultation on Wednesday 2 August, with feedback welcome until Thursday 31 August 2017, before being finalised and formally adopted by the Council.

Visit: to download a copy of the draft Plan and provide comments. The draft Plan can also be viewed at the Norwood Town Hall Customer Service Centre or at any of the Council’s Libraries.

The next review of CityPlan 2030 will be a major update and is scheduled for 2020, which marks the halfway point in the life of the Plan.

For further information regarding CityPlan 2030, please contact the Council’s Strategic Projects Coordinator, Olivia Franco on 8366 4524 or email

Media Contact: Mayor Robert Bria on 0431 754

$1m grant secured for Felixstow Reserve Redevelopment


The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters has been successful in securing a $1 million grant from the State Government, for the redevelopment of Felixstow Reserve.

The Felixstow Reserve Project is a significant initiative of the Council in terms of financial investment, complexity and outcomes for the community.

“This grant will not only lessen the financial impact of the project on the Council and the community, but also demonstrates the support of the State Government for the project,” said Mayor Robert Bria.

Felixstow Reserve has the potential to become one of the most innovative open space assets within the City and the eastern region, and one of the most engaging reserves along the River Torrens Linear Park.

“This project will deliver a well-designed informal recreational and leisure space that includes amenities such as natural play spaces, open recreation areas and a wetland.”

The Felixstow Reserve Masterplan outlines a number of initiatives which guide the redevelopment of the Reserve to ultimately realise the full potential and importance of the Reserve.

The wetland component of the Masterplan forms part of the Eastern Regional Alliance (ERA) Waterproofing Eastern Adelaide Stormwater Harvesting and Re-Use Project.

The Masterplan provides the framework to strategically guide the integration of the proposed wetland into the Reserve, which includes features such as a viewing deck, bridges and stepping stones.

“The State Government grant will assist greatly in ensuring the delivery of the Felixstow Reserve Project.”

More information and the full Felixstow Reserve Masterplan is available from the Council’s website.

Media enquiries: Mayor Robert Bria on 0431 754 077