Bin Collection

Your Council in association with East Waste provides a weekly bin collection service.

The Council provides all households with three bins and a kitchen organics basket to assist you to correctly separate recyclable and organic material from general waste that goes to landfill.

Household general waste is collected on a weekly basis. Recycling and green organic waste is collected on a fortnightly basis (on alternate weeks).

For a missed bin collection, contact East Waste on 08 8347 5111.

Download: Waste, Recycling & Organics Collection Services Brochure


Bin collection calendar and map

Collection weeks and days

Download: Bin Collection Calendar 2017


Collection days by location

Download: Bin Collection Map

Bin collection infographic

What goes in each bin

East Waste kerbside waste collection bin graphic









Second bin permit, bin repair and replacement

Request a second bin

If you would like us to collect a second bin to help you dispose of your waste, please contact the Council on 08 8366 4555 prior to purchasing a bin.

Please note: A bin permit is required if you wish to have a second bin collected. For more information, visit our Apply for a Permit webpage


Get a bin repaired

Your bin can be repaired if it has a missing or cracked lid or wheels missing.

To organise the repair contact East Waste on 8347 5111.

Repairs are carried out every week on a Wednesday or Friday.


Request a replacement bin

For a replacement bin, contact the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters Depot:

Glynde Depot
Davis Road Glynde
T: 08 8360 9000




For more information, contact the Waste and Recycling Hotline: 08 8347 5130

Visit: East Waste