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Creating safer roads for cyclists: Norwood – Magill Bikeway


Connecting Magill with the Adelaide CBD, the Norwood – Magill Bikeway improves cyclist safety, increases connectivity and builds higher levels of cycling participation as an environmentally friendly, healthy alternative to vehicle travel.

Offering an alternative to cycling on Magill Road or The Parade, Beulah Road is a popular cycling route and forms part of the Norwood-Magill Bikeway.

During community consultation on the Council’s City-wide Cycling Plan, Beulah Road was identified as a key road requiring improvements to cycling infrastructure in order to cater for the high volume of cyclists.

Traffic data indicated that vehicle speeds were too high for a residential street popular among cyclists, while crash data showed a high number of crashes involving cyclists on Beulah Road over a five-year period.

As a result, Beulah Road was identified within the Council’s City-wide Cycling Plan as an appropriate location to construct a bicycle boulevard to offer an alternative to cycling on main arterial roads as well as creating a more inviting place to walk and more attractive place to live.

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Benefits of the Beulah Road Bicycle Boulevard

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    A more enjoyable route for people to cycle compared to parallel arterial roads

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    Lower traffic volumes and speeds to increase cyclist safety

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    Improved pedestrian accessibility and safety

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    Enhanced tree planting and landscaping

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    Increased liveability through the creation of Streets for people

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Next stage

Implementation of Stage 2 of the Beulah Road Bicycle Boulevard Project—the upgrade of a portion of Osmond Terrace median strip—is about to commence.

These works will include a paved central plaza area with wider cyclist and pedestrian paths, public artwork commemorating Norwood cycling icon Nino Solari, new seating, additional landscaping and a bike repair station.

Award-winning design

In 2016, the Beulah Road Bicycle Boulevard Project received the Hard Won Victory Award and a commendation from the Minister for Planning, in the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) SA Awards for Planning Excellence.

The PIA Award judging panel acknowledged the Council’s significant achievement in balancing the provision of infrastructure to calm traffic, improve safety and accessibility for cyclists and pedestrians, whilst ensuring continued access for motorists.