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Important statement about the Chinese Consulate-General in Joslin


The Council is aware that in recent weeks, there has been considerable media coverage regarding the new Chinese Consulate-General in Joslin.

In response to this media coverage, the Council has become aware that members of the local and wide community have raised concerns and have asked questions regarding the development approval process for this diplomatic mission.

The Council wishes to advise the community that the development in Joslin was not approved by the Council.

The use of the property at 90-92 Fourth Avenue, Joslin as a Chinese Consulate-General, as well as the construction of a fence around the property, was assessed and approved by the State Coordinator-General. 

On 15 September 2016, the State Government amended the Development Regulations 2008, to include the following within the list of development types which do not require development plan consent (i.e. planning approval):

Diplomatic mission development approved by the State Coordinator-General

Any enquiries regarding the approval process for the Chinese Consulate-General, should be directed to the Attorney-General’s Department.

Any concerns regarding security should be directed to South Australia Police (SAPOL)