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Greening Our City


As our City continues to grow and our urban environment becomes more densely populated, the Council is implementing a number of greening initiatives.

Supported by the Kent Town Residents Association, Greener Kent Town is the Council’s initiative to increase tree canopy coverage and improve the liveability and amenity of Kent Town.

In 2020, the Council successfully applied for a $60,000 Greener Neighbourhoods Grant from Green Adelaide for additional street tree planting in Kent Town.

Between July and September this year, over 100 new or replacement street trees were planted on The Parade West, Rundle Street and College Road.

The new trees planted include a variety of species including Crepe Myrtle, Flowering Pear, Japanese Zelkova, Chinese Pistachio, Evergreen Ash and Turkey Oak.

The street tree planting complements the Council’s streetscape upgrades along The Parade West and College Road adjacent the Kent Town Hotel.

These streetscape upgrades include the planting of 24 new or replacement street trees, garden beds and TREENET inlets—small openings in the kerb which allow stormwater to
passively irrigate trees in the verge.

The Parade West and Kent Town Hotel streetscape upgrades are the third and fourth projects to be delivered following the Council’s adoption of the Kent Town Urban Design Framework and Public Realm Manual.

The first projects implemented were streetscape upgrades adjacent new developments at 1 and 54 King William Street in the 2018–2019 financial year.

Subsequent to completing these first projects, more than 50 new street trees were planted in King William Street in the 2019–2020 financial year.

The upgrades and street tree planting will improve the amenity of Kent Town and help create vibrant and comfortable streets for residents, workers and visitors